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Cured Tender loins

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My mother-N-Law loves these and I have to make them for her all the time.

I used the little smoker so they sat too close together, So some of the mustard didn't cook off and the smoke didn't fully cover them.
That's ok She eats it with mustard anyway. She was really pleased with them as usual.

Smoked with a maple and Hickory mix.

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Looks great! How did you cure them?
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This is the basic Instructions for curing pork.
click Here
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To much good food and no way to get to it! Boy some fine vittles on here today!PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif
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Ah, so it's basically ham made from a pork loin. Thanks for the info, I think I'll have to try it!
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Correction; Pork Tenderloin

Yes but it the most tender flavorful ham ever! This stuff is fluffy and just falls apart! YUM!!!!!
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I'll have to try it Glued. Do you keep it in the brine for 10-14 days like for the ham? They have tenderloin on sale this weekend for 1.99 so I'll pick some up.
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With tender loins I usually do about 7-8 days.
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Sorry, it's hard to tell the scale from your picture. I was thinking that was a 2-3 foot pork loin (like 6 inches in diameter). The pork tenderloins I've seen in the store are only a foot or so long and 3-4 inches in diameter. Of course, I'm just going off what they label the meat in the store and I could be completely wrong.
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Yep That's them. They are pretty small but pretty tasty as well. Personally I think they are more like a appetizer or a snack, But the Mother-N-Law calls it dinner!icon_lol.gif

She buys me meat every week so keeping her happy is a plus.

I grab a bag of these a bottle of mustard, cheese and Ritz crackers. I could eat them all day!
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Cool, I'll have to try the tenderloins (as well as the loins). I've just gotten into smoking and have to try everything. Since I got my smoker (around a month ago), I've been smoking every weekend. I've done ribs, tri-tips, meatloaf, turkey breast, and chicken breasts. Right now I'm doing chicken (butterflied) and fatties (stuffed with cheese and eggs and cheese and jalapenos) and have buckboard bacon curing.
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Glued, these look delicious. Just curious on your slicing technique. Looks perfect. You've just given me my plan for two weeks from now. Can't wait. Thanks for sharing.
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Nothing special just a knife and a good feel for it.
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