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golfnguitarz saying hello from Tejas

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Noob here. Have done alot of grilling on a 3 burner grill, but have just purchased a Masterbuilt electric smoker to try to get the perfect brisket(or close). Doesn't look like the Masterbuilt can handle a large brisket on one shelf, is it ok to cut one down and use several shelfs??

Anyway, my user name pretty well describes the rest of my addictions! My wife complains that I probably couldn't have picked two more expensive ones.
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Welcome aboard

Glad that you found us

Hope that we can help you as much as you can help us
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Welcome to SMF Golf...Seems a few have asked that question. Point from flat..etc. I have cut them, and have found that if ya do that... you can get two different meals. Do the point for pulled beef..or the "burnt ends" thing <search that> and the flat for slicing. However I think I cut mine "wrong". Someone like Texas-hunter or Okie or a number of others will stop by soon and explain it.
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Well, a guitar playing and golf swinging Tejano, glad to have you as part of the SMF. Plenty of folks here who are into briskets, so you'll get great feedback on that on. Viva Tejas!
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Welcome to the site..............I am sure someone will have some advice for you.......
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Welcome to the site.
As Rich said someone with a little more brisket exp. will stop by soon.
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Welcome to the SMF.
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Welcome Golf. I have done tons of brisket,but never considered cutting one. I would imagine though if cut right it would be like buying one already cut.If you're not sure where to cut,I would go on a recon mission to the store and compare a cut (flat) to a whole packer trimmed brisket.
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Welcome to the smf. Lots of folks here that can help you with that briskett.

Happy Smokin

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I smokin brisket today,started with a 14.5#er,to big for the 2 of us so cut it in 1/3rds,not sure if I did it right or not but heck beef be beef right?I will send q-view as it progresses.welcome to the site!
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welcome to the smf.
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welcome to the forum!
I play guitar, took golf in college and love to smoke...we might be
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Welcome G-n-G, is that a "tele" in your picture?.....Looks pretty sweet! Lots of knowledge in this group, just ask. How do you like the Masterbuilt electric smoker?.....I am leaning toward purchasing one of them.
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Welcome to the group, Golf. Glad to have you... from a fellow golf addict... Between golf & smokin' (meat), I guess I should be glad for my wallet that I never became a string man too! My younger brother is quite an accomplished guitarist/keyboardist/ and vocalist, though, and I know what he invests in his equipment...(Oh well, at least being related to me and my smoking passion, he's not exactly in danger of becoming a "starving artist").

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reply to tele - masterbuilt

Yeah, that's a tele (sorta). I actually built and painted that for a friend. It is made out of Mahogany with a Maple top that was stained to give it that swimming pool look. Real Fender tele's are made out of Alder, so in that sense, it ain't a real Tele, just looks like one.

So far, I like the Masterbuilt. I am in the process of smoking my first brisket right now. My impressions are that it appears to be well-made. It is big enough to kinda stuff a 10 lb. brisket on one shelf, but I ended up cutting my first one in half(separated the point from the flat). I really like the side drawer they have for adding wood chips so you don't have to open up the smoker and let all of the heat out. Some one was thinkin!
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