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Cutting a packer in half for a Masterbuilt

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Alert! Newbie here, but I have been lurking a bit around here and it seems like a friendly place.

Ok, I have done some flats on the grill (real slow) with some success and now a co-worker and I have gone and bought some Masterbuilt electric smokers. On the way home, I bought a 10 pound Brisket. Once I unpacked the Masterbuilt, I realized the packer may not fit on one, (could be a stupid question) is it ok to cut the packer in half and use multiple trays in the smoker?

Thanks for any advice. I have seen some wonderful tips in here already.
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Someone else wanna handle this? I'm getting a rep ;{)
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Richtee, getting a rep?... your mug is on posters! Just jokin' bro.
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you seperate the point from the should be able to see the seperation point.........its the major fat vein for lack of a better word........i will see i can i find a youtube video of serperating em
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Druther have my posters on mugs...but hey any press is good press eh? ;{)
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I found this pic:

There is an article along with this and the guy says
something like: the flat is good for slicing and the point is usually shredded for sandwiches. Is that what most people do with the point(instead of slicing it)?
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Dunno 'bout most...but I was happy with the results. Go with it!
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I have had great sucess with doing up to 11lb packers on one shelf of MBS, have a smoke planned for the 4th of March includes 4 10 lbers. You kinda have to force them but they come out great.

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Wow - 4 10lbsers at a time, impressive. I assume you just kinda stick it in diagonally and curl one end up a bit if you have to? (I am preseasoning the smoker right now, so I can't really try anything).

Thanks all for the quick responses.
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