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Wrapping a fatty...

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I do mine without a bacon wrap, but I notice some people do. Does it really make it better/moister? It would seem to me like wrapping a ftty in bacon is like carrying coal to Newscatle or giving ice to an eskimo, but I'll let the pros tell me what to do.

Thanks in advance to all.
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I don't know about moister, since sausage has plenty of fat content as is...but better? know what I always say...nothing goes better with pork than, well...MORE Pork! Bacon makes everything better!

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I will "stripe" mine with bacon..allowing the actual fatty to get direct smoke. And the bacon adds flavor, and actually- before the thing is done, I've picked half of it off and ate it anyway :{)
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That pretty much sums it up but...............
You get the bacon to eat too!

Experiment and Have fun, allot of things here are personal preference.
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I wonderrrrrrrrr......Hmmmmm......what if the bacon was inside the fatty with the other stuffing goodies!!! Might try that tommorow! Just thinkin, usually gets me in trouble!PDT_Armataz_01_11.gif
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Yep it is good in a stuffed fatty. I like to over cook the bacon a little to keep it real crispy before using it in the stuffing. I like to break it to about dime size pieces.
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Good either way you go. I do the wrap for looks if folks are comming to eat.
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I'm with travcoman on this one, fry up the bacon place inside the fatty and enjoy bacon in a whole new way.

To answer your question there is not need to wrap in a fatty with bacon for the moisture. The fatty will have enough fat mixed in and you are not smoking it for too long where there would be a change that it would dry out.
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In the immortal words of Keywestsmoke

"Bacon stuffed sausage....Good Lord don't tell my HMO."
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bacon stuffed fatty wrapped in bacon smoked till prime served with bacon eggs toast and hashem browns oh wow
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I like to strip my fatty with bacon....It seems to help hold the fatty together some........I think it adds some great flavor to the fatty...... Just my 2 cents...........Don't think there is a right or wrong way to make them............
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yup kookie I thinking theres no wrong way either,I love bacon!
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