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Chicken Turds

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I cooked these for the first time last night. Chicken tenders seasoned and wrapped in bacon, then cooked over an open fire.

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looks good daryle
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Mmmm goat, those look great! I need to give them a try.PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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I gotta try those. Bet the wife would even eat 'em LOL
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Thanks all. I can tell you that they were real good.
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They sure looked good Goat!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Mighty fine, mighty fine!PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Those look really tasty!
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What do you think would happen if you indirect smoked them at 250-300 or so? Just to get some smokey goodness? Think the bacon would be rubbery? I guess you could finish them off on open flame. Just curious; those look really nice Goat!
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Why do I always look at goat's Q-view before lunch ? eek.gif Now I want to eat ... Great lookin' goat ... will have to try them .. looks mighty tasting ...
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Gotta try that one myself Goat! Those look great. Points for that!
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I would venture to guess that a good brine on the chicken and finishing up over a hot fire would produce a wonderful meal
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Looks good. Was the fire direct? What temp?
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I would probably brine as well.
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Good ideal.
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Looks great goat. Great job
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Heya, Goat!

Did I miss something or did you not mention how the chicken was seasoned?

Excellent idea for a yardbird.

As always, a great post with a new twist!
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The tenders were seasoned with http://www.jerrybairds.com/pages/products.html the all purpose seasoning. A liberal sprinkling of that and wrap it up. Left overs were even very good tonight.
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chicken turds

man i love anything wrapped in bacon, looks tasty !!! good job and wrapped in bacon and smoked.....whoa you get a gold star =) in my cookbook !!!
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I will post this picture again and assume that it will be self explanatory. Also refer back to my original post.
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