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Keep 'em mopped. Last batch I did I just stacked 'em together and did it more as a small butt for slicing. Missed some crisp...but nice and moist/tender.

Still overall..I am WAAY impressed with that quantity of sausage!
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Sorry to hear you had some bad outcomes. Care to share the problems, so we might all learn from your troubles (not sure that sounds right). Anyway hang in there. At least to look at it, you're turning out some great looking stuff.
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yeah........what mule said...........let us know so WE don't make the same mistake.......getting ready to do my first venison ss........and i am nervous as all get out.................been reading kutas, grigson, and ruhlman/polcyn.......trying to learn as much as i can, tho i know, hands on is the best teacher........MOSSYMO.......MAKE A VISIT............lololol
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Mule, I had less than desireable Hot Sticks. The problem, might have been a smoke house issue...
I loaded 45 # of sticks in my smoker, which I have done a few times with no problems. I couldnt seem to keep a constant temp in the smoker. It seemed to take longer than prior batches. The sticks were not touching though they were close. After a long day in the smoker they went from being not done, to alot of them were way over done in less than and hour.
I have done this a few times with few mistakes...
I think it is a good possibility that it was due to a large load , but mostly In trying to come up with a heat / drip shield over my element, I wrapped foil around a rack, pretty much covering it completely.
I didnt think it wouldshiled much heat but become more of a drip shield.I believe it forced much of the heat strait up the smoker walls. Then drying out the sausage aroung the edges, and not cooking the meat in the center of the racks. I know , A stupid newbi mistake, but I didnt even consider forcing air strait up the edges. I feel really dumb, becaus I am some what of a pro on Fire science and this should have been an elementary thought. Sorry I was so upset with most the results that I didnt take pics.
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sometimes...........the pro's makes mistakes...........its only a mistake if you don't learn from it..........maybe a small fan inside to circulate the heat better?
if such a thing can be rigged up without hurting the fan........i got a small (4 inch) all metal fan, from the dollar store.............
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I've found that stall period with sausage to be really frustrating, and when you really have to watch it. I've had similar experiences. It stalls, won't move for what seems forever, then before you know it, it jumps way past what you want and the fat starts to runPDT_Armataz_01_05.gif. I've been in a constant quest to control my heat more consistently, and have added a circ. fan as WD has suggested. It's always a work in progress it seems. I think thats part of the enjoyment (after eating the goods of course.)
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Hey Mule,

Did you notice a improvement after installing your fan?

Also what did you use for a fan?

Heck, I started a thread tonight asking for pics you could show off yours!!
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I have to confess I haven't had a chance to use the smoker since I added the fan. Its an old computer fan. I posted a thread detailing its installation, and getting it to push smoke into the unit. I've got several hundred lbs. of hamburger waiting to get turned into stix, jerky, and sausage, but am in the middle of our calving season and no time to do it.
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Some mighty tasety lookin treats you got there! Excellent work! Just brought home my new stuffer tonight, gotta get the smoker done so I can get back on track again!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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