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Taste test #3, Mexican Adobo

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Contents: This is a traditional Mexican Adobo from the Savory Spice Shop that is a mix of garlic, onion, mild green chiles, honey powder, cumin, black pepper and Mexican oregano.

For a 5-6 lb. pork shoulder, I made a marinade by mixing 2 tbsp. Adobo mix with 4 tsp. of smoked sweet Spanish paprika, and then add 3 tbsp. of kosher salt, 2/3 cup red wine vinegar and 2/3 cup olive. Cutup the pork shoulder into man-size chunks and mixed it well with the Adobo mix, and I let it sit in the fridge for 18 hrs. Cooked in a covered D.O. at 225º for 4-½ hrs. Since this was a controlled taste test, no smoke/wood was used. Same procedure as the other 2 taste tests.
Results: Good over all flavor and the meat was ready to pull with ease. I WILL USE THIS ONE AGAIN, BUT I’LL SMOKE THE MEAT. I rated this Mexican Adobo equal to the Lodo Rojo (Red Mud), both are better than the Caribbean Adobo, according to my guests.
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Mmmm, it looks great rich! Thank you for the report and thank you for the recipe.PDT_Armataz_01_34.gifsmile.gif
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I love the taste tests you try!!and how you go about it... Thanks for the info...
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Yum... I really gotta try that cooking style out. I love "Pork Verde"... seems quite
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rich..........after you smoke the then would you go about this recipe........smoke the pork before marianding......or after?
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WD, I plan to marinade the pork first, then smoke that sucker dead (I'm mean done). If I wanted to pull it, I'd cut it up in man-size chunks before the marinade. At least I have some options, but cutting it up into man-size chunks really does cutdown the cooking time. I'll let you know my plan, whenever it happens.
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That looks very good. I might have to give that a shot. Thanks for sharing PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Looks great Rich. Thanks for sharing.
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