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turkey sausage???????????????

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found some ground turkey at wally world .89 a lb better half decided to make summer sausage out of it.
i'm thinking yek 5lbs took 7 hrs to reach temp did this sunday will be doing more this weekend not even a piece left for the good ole qview
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how did it taste???
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tastesd great hickory smoke and pepper corns come real close to beef flavor
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We used to feed that to our dog when he was having issues with fat intake. It is really lean. Wonder how it would do in a fatty??
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Probably ok with around 20% or so fat added. Used to make an uncased chicken/turkey sausage using rosemary, onion, CBP and mustard seeds, was pretty good. Gonna have to pull that recipe out and try it smoked.
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I make fatties from turkey sausage all the time. As long as you add some additional moistening you are ok, Mop it well, put some roasted red peppers on top, use mushrooms in the stuffing, etc.
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Ahhh...the master of the poultry fatty! Forgot about that. What about olive oil, Ron?
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No evoo needed I've never had a dry fatty and I actually cut the sausage with ground turkey meat which is very lean.
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Very nice!

With all that stuffing, how did you prevent a blow out? Did you freeze it before cooking?

Looks great!
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Just a nice tight wrap and pinch off the ends. The roasted pepper self bastes it to keep it moist or I mop it.
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bravo Bravo!!!
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Ok, after seeing rons turkey fattys stuffed, I could make a meal out of that. Don't get me wrong I love fatty's. A couple slices at a time as a snack, but the fat content is just too much to sit down and have plate full with some sides. Now those looked moist and delicious served with a couple side dishes and that would make a meal.
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Loks like it would prolly make a meal all by itself w/ a little good hard pork fatback added into the grind.

While I realize that lotsa folks try to cut back on fat for health reasons, I'm a firm believer in the old saying "Pork Fat Rules"

Most premium breakfast sausage has less than 10% fat in it anymore. The human body needs some fat. 10% poses no harm.

Question, when does a fatty cease to be a fatty and become a stuffed meatloaf?

I had always thought that a fatty was nothing more than a roll of breakfast sausage smoke whole (as defined by the coiner of the term).
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