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7.65 lbs @ $3.79 a lb

Just picked the flat up today. No packers at the BJ's Wholesale club. I'm off for Presidents Day.
Quess whats for dinner tomorrow night.
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this baby was $1.99 #
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Niiiice... it's tough to get a hard time for that price! Heh.
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Yup Richtee,Allie knows a good deal&loves to eat!-she was looking through the paper today and saw pork loins for $1.88# asked if I needed some(hmmmm) looks like a Victoria secret trip for me.
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<I won't tell her I got the last batch for $1.69 with it!>
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brisket flat

was going to do a brisket yesterday went to store came home with t-bones instead why.?? they were the same price $6.99lb and the t-bones were pretty darn good i might add. usually flats here run$4.99-$5.99lb. i have in the past used alot of flank for a marinated steak that i do. it is really good but now flank here in north west ohio is generally $7.99 lb on average.flank or t-bone?? let me think......... T-BONE. i have got flank on sale a couple of years ago for $.88. not anymore hope the brisket prices in your areas stay cheap. i will check sams club for brisket next time i am near.
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pork jerky

richtee did you ever make pork jerky out of any pork loin??
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Never made pork jerky. Huh. Never occured to me I guess. I have some curing now... might give 'er a run.

Wait..I HAVE made it. I just call it "bacon" LOL
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