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Thinking of selling Big Red

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Its a Clone of a Backwoods Competitor. Either going to go the Pellet route of a couple of BGE's This unit is just so Big.
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You ever figure out a price?
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I have one in mind but well see
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Wow, all that time you put into her!!!
what's the asking price??
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Nice rig...........Looks well built..........Wish I was closer to you........Looks like a hell of a smoker...............Best of luck selling...........
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Whats your location? If that is a recent picture you are thousands of miles from me. We have months to go before grass will be anything but under snow.
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No Im from southern Mn. Its not quite a year old. Cooks like a dream but we got 2 and just am interested in a couple of different options.
That picture is from when we were getting them finished up last spring.
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hmmmmm...........i live in iowa............let us know when you figure out what you are going to do
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What a coinky-dink! I'm from northern Mn. I have family in southern Mn down around the Mankato area. Now I am really interested in the smoker.
You can pm a price if you would like. I take it you manufactured these smokers yourself?
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More Pics
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Yes we made them

The Backwoods sells for $3400.00 Weighs 350lbs\
Ours weigh almost 500 and they are built to smoke in MN
Insulated come with 7 trays & extra fire box

I would sell it for 1750.00
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Well built rig and I am sure worth the money. A bit more than I can spend right now on a smoker. I guess I didn't realize how big it is.
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Those smoker look great and some very good craftmanship have gone into them . That is a good price on them. I also build smoker for a hobbie. What are the holes in back for. Also what kind of insulation you use
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The holes are where the smoke gets drafted out. They are triple walled reverse flow systems. And the Insulation is Fiberglass
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Thanks Wine
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WineMaster you have mail. icon_smile.gif
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Thats a sweet machine boss! NICE one.
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