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very new smokeologist

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i have a charbroiler silver smoker with the side firebox. should i use a water pan for moisture or just dry smoke my meats. i use only wood for fire. need some pro advice
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howdy Morgy glad u found us-diff meats call for diff tecniques-I don't have that smoker but a couple ECB's I somtime use my water pan with water,somtime with sand-somtime don't use it at all. soon you will get sombody that knows more about your rig.
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is it possible to get a moist brisket without using a water pan?
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Morgy look to the left and click on brisket-will learn you a thing or too. or do a search of threads on briskets.
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Welcome to SMF. This is THE place to be. I have smoker with sfb and do not use water pan. Do check out brisket info on the forum and you will be ok.
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Welcome to the SMF!! I did a brisket a few weeks ago... had juice runnin out of it when i cut it... no water pan... on a char griller....

check out:

for some mods that'll help
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Welcome to SMF Morg... I would caution you on using only wood for your heat, especially if you are just starting. What experience do you have? Have you used the smoker before?

Using lump charcoal for heat is the way to go, as it's hard to get decent temps with the small box on most SFB's. And a box full of flames is NOT what you want.

Get a chimney of lump going in there then ya just add a bit of wood to the box for smoke.
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Welcome to SMF. This place is full of information.
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Welcome to the smf....... Lots of great and useful info here......... And lots of great poeple here too.........
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