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evil shortcut

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here in buffalo weather got very cold and windy over the weekend..was at a friend's with no garage or minimize time out in the cold, we precooked ribs by wrapping in saranwrap, then aluminum foil....then put in an oven for about 2 1/2 hours at 200 degrees before finishing on the grill..i know its wrong and evil , but in a pinch it works......thought i would pass this info on....please do not crucify me.....PDT_Armataz_01_08.gif
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When smoking we must adapt to what the weather throws at us, that is not wrong. Too freeze your butts off for over 6 hours for a 30 minute meal I would call un-wise, you done the smart thing. Smoking is too enjoy !!!
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Well...Ok, Fred...under the circumstances, while it may not be a "purist" method, I admire you're ability to adapt. (afterall, it's not like you played an entire football game under the dome...). So...there will be no crucifixion!

However...if you had pre-BOILED those ribs...well that's just plain sacreligious...and would be a different matter entirely! LOL!

Glad they turned out well for you!

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thankyou for the mercy that has been a pinch i do what i have was not my preferred method by any means..
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This is called SMF for a reason. I don't understand your post Fred?! Isn't your oven like ours....the type that when you turn it on it smokes? icon_eek.gif

The way I see this forum is that it's "based" around smok'n, but has never been limited to just that.

Appreciate the cold, it makes spring and summer that much better. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

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Hopefully not too many complex hydrocarbon molecules were transferred to your food from the plastic.
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I think it sounds fine and since I'm in a cold weather environment, I completely understand.

Except, I'm not sure if I understand the saran wrap. I guess it's good to know it doesn't melt at 200 degrees. I understand why you did it but I'm not sure if it's worth it.

So, have you ever tried the same thing with just the foil?
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no never tried just foil..friend said emeril did it so that was good enough for me..emeril is his GOD..
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Nothing wrong with that. I had to do my last batch the primitive way since my smoker was stolen. I did mine in enamel roasters in the oven set at 225 degree's and then out to the grill for a little smoke (it don't work near as well as my smoker did)!

Man's gotta do what a mans gotta do!
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I have heard Saran Wrap holds up well to the low heats of smoking but have never tried it. I guess I am scared of the heat getting away on me when I am not paying attention and having to try pick it off the meat.....
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Smoking is to enjoy

Yes, Smoking is to enjoy, but if I understand this, if the ribs were covered in saran wrap and tinfoil, how did they get smoked?

Cold here too, I am sick of shoveling my roofs!!
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fred...before i found this site.............thats how my wife perfers em...........fall off the bone.............but now i found 3-2-1 ........ i found the lite.........but too cold is too cold.........but i have smoked in 0 and below weather.........i just bundled up, and used my GREAT ET-73 remote to tell me temp of the meat and the i could stay warm.........HEHEHEH..........but i have been told before i am crazy...........
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Paul Kirk says in his book that saran wrap is good up to 265*. That being said I have not tried it.
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The melt fracture of poly based plastics (HDPE and PETE) is around 300 degrees... lower with others like LDPE and blends especially with color additives!!! however this temp can be higher with annealed polys

This does not mean the plastic(or some of its components) is not breaking down before then!!! It only means it doesnt try to go to its original state until it reaches its melt fracture!!

Used to make containers at a custom shop in Florida (Process/Set-up Tech)... and did some high speed reheat molding in MD ....and had some plastic chemistry classes

So what that all means.... i would prefer to not eat out of hot or heated plastic... but i do...
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I understand the cold....You have to do what works for you......
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Wow, how time's have changed.....6 month's ago we woulda ran ya right outta here with your oven rib' each his own PDT_Armataz_01_25.gif
I smoked rib's on Sunday also.........6* with a -28* windchill, man they were good!!! wink.gif
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wow i am inspired now,,,,its about 14 degrees here right now and i want to do a brisket ,but ii dont know if the smoker will hold the correct temps,its real windy in my yard
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Dumb question, but why not hit it with smoke first, then transfer to the oven to finish? I thought you got most of the smoke flavor in the beginning of the smoke?
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Confession is good for the soul.
Just don't EVER do it again.
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