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Ordered it today

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Guys and gals. I have been working on our Vol. Fire Chief for a few months now to let the fire dept purchase a new smoker for our annual 4th of July community feed. He has been a little stand offish and then this morning he came in and asked how much our down payment was, the total price, when it would be ready, wrote a check and said order it.
The fire dept will cook with it once a year, and since nobody else on the dept smokes meat, the rest of the time my Chief (police) and myself will have full access to use as we wish.
Got it orderd today and he said it will be ready hopefully around the 1st of March.
Already making plans to participate in the chamber of commerce and a couple of other small comps in the area.
I'll add a pic and a couple of links to more photos and their website as to not take up so much space on here.
We ordered the series 70 with
Wood Box in front of Fire Box
Wood Box under Cooking Chamber
Propane Starter System
High Pressure Dual Stove Burner
Upper and lower slide out Grill Shelves
D**n I'm excited

Now I just have to wait............till it gets here
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WOW! What a deal! Wish I had a boss like that! You gotta feel like you just won the lottery!

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You are one lucky VFF !!!
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merry christmas a little late!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!awesome...
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Impressive setup, Lawdog! The fire chief will be very happy with the return that beauty can provide!
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Very nice, hopefully our company can fit one in the budget soon.
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I wish someone would buy one that I preety much could have access to anyime I wanted also. Darn i'M JEALOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!I like that model !!!!!!!!
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Hey LawDog,I have the perfect truck to pull it. MINE, Nice Looking rig, Enjoy the heck out of it
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Love the setup!!! pull it with ..... hmmm... lets see... Tower 531


Fastest Volunteers in the Nation!!

Would love a set-up like that one!! Congrats!!
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Nice Rig:-)

Can't wait to see pics of the insides. Will you open everything up and show us how its set up?

Congrats!!! Think Chicken!

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our dept has limped along for the last 3 years on a donated cooker that we had converted to smoke by adding firebox. it worked well enough but didn't hold enough meat (40 or 50 briskets).

I am with the PD but by proxy small town you get to do a little of it all and PD chief and I do the majority of the smoking at the all night cook we chose which one we wanted.

Drive on up, we can work out something. Yes the fire box is lp assist, talked to the big man in San Angelo today and that he guarantees after 140* if we want to knock off of wood that the lp would maintain 250* with no problem(cheat maybe but older I get, harder it is to stay up all night).
I will keep all updated but new pics but probably no new ones till we take posession and then I will be asking seasoning and burn in questions.

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Damn nice smoker................. So you auction off the old one to help pay for the new one?
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sorry kookie,
gotta keep the old one to be able to keep up with the demand for the 4th, part of the deal with the fire chief. if we can talk him into another new one I will let you know about this one. may even meet you part way for delivery (would love o see ur part of the country). Just gotta get it more road ready, roadwalks like a bear at anything above 45 mph because of the heavy a** firebox on the back end. was originally built as a grill for steaks on a guys lease but he donated it to the vfd and we had it mod'ed. front side has 4 hp burners and middle section is set up for water to be heated by cooking chamber behind it. just gotta talk him into a 3nd smoker first.

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Ever think about joining some local competitions as a way of advertising you VFD. Maybe have an empty boot sitting out for donations? If you went together on costs of wood, meat etc. maybe it would work out to be a reasonable cost as well as a way to advertise your VFD, just a thought. And, congrats on the new smoker, it's beautiful.
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I talked to the builder and let him know that I would be in San Angelo this fri and sat for my son's golf tournament and he told me he would have it ready for me to pull home with me on Sat night.
I will post some pics on sun., and weather permitting get her seasoned and burned in that day too.........more later.

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Just got back into town from the golf tournament/pick up new smoker road trip.
3 hour ride home @80ish........ and never even felt it behind me. Used 1/2 tank on the way down trailerless, 1/2 tank on the way back.
I promise fine people I will post pics tomorrow but it was dark when I got in. Just a little teaser, Travis (owner of Diamond Plate Products) threw in the chrome package for free (wheels, handles, chains and stacks.
More tomorrow.

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cool rig-can't wait
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Wow... someone knows how to build a trailer rig, eh. Cool. Looking forward to some Q-view Dog :{)
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Without pics, it did not happen!
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here ya go

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