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Yer welcome. Be sure to add a bit more of the fat.
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Looks great Rich!! Nice combo. I guess Im gonna have to get me a grinder soon. I have plenty of deer meat but no grinder. PDT_Armataz_01_09.gif
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Nice lookin stuff Richie, question bout the fatty? Can you give step by step instructions? Do you wrap it like a ho-ho? HELP !!!!confused.gif
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Looks wicked Rich.....
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Thread Starter's really very simple. You roll out the ground meat. I like it rolled a bit thinner than most, for a spiral and thinner stuffing layers effect. Maybe a half inch. For a solid inner stuffing roll out thicker, giving one complete plus a bit roll to seal.

Lay your stuffing along the meat and roll it up! Try to seal the ends and edges as well as you can. It takes some practice, but the mistakes are as good as the sucesses! Yum!
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gosh darn dang-roll it up with favs-like the old days
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Just made one the other day, only put sauteed onions and cheese but it was killer with the venison pan sausage!
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I make my breakfast sausage out of venison and pork. Going to try a fatty over the weekend with it.
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