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Venison Fatty

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Got the Bro-in-law to snap a few shots of the venison/pork fatty I did for the neice's B-day party this weekend- with a GOOD camera. Earlier in the day we had gone to the local market to get some refreshments and I seen 2.5 lbs of their store made breakfast links...could not resist since the smoker was going! They were pretty tasty! That's a bit of the deep fried turkey we did as well in one of the pix...

The fatty could have used a touch more pork..or at least a bit more fat. I made it kind of lean because I wrapped it in my home made bacon. Ah well..it was still well recieved!

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Looks great rich! I just hope you did not cut your thumb. That second picture it looks like your thumb is right under the blade. PDT_Armataz_01_18.gif
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I'm sitting here eating a yogurt and looking at this. I need some real breakfast!
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Looks real good man.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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yup,looking real good-love the color on the little snaushages.
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Richtee, That looks great man, care to share your recipe and what all you put in there??
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Exactly what I have been contemplating! Gonna thaw a pound of venison burger and hit the market for the rest. It's gotta be good.
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We usually mix our venison with hamburger. Will be doing my first fatty tonight, but wife made it and used only some hot pork sausage.
Looks dang good rich
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Good looking venison fatty !!!

This thread brings to mind a question I have been pondering.....
Smoked ground pork is a fatty.
Smoked ground burger is a meatloaf.
Smoking ground burger or ground venison mith pork and it is still a fatty.
But if you smoke mixed burger, ground venison and ground pork all together what would you have then, a chubby?
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Looks good Rich.
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That sure looks good ...
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Looks great Rich!PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Just some sharp chedder, chopped onion and garlic..and a crushed up ancho chili pepper. Mix was 80/20. Go with 70/30.
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Looks good

Looks good Rich!!!!!!!!!!Love the fatties!!!!!!!!!!
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Great lookin fattie Rich!!
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MMM....venison and pork product....I LIKE IT ALOT.

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Great looking fatty.......mmmmmmmmmmmmm...........
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Sorry I missed this one Rich. Looks good; did you mop it or yourself with Mr. JB?
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Both :{) I have a bit more venison left... enough for a couple more. Going to be sure to up the fat content. Probably use belly fat instead of a higher pork percentage, just to try to preserve the venison's flavor.
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Hey Bud, Thannks for the post and the motivation, I may try this as my first fatty... LOL This site is full of information.PDT_Armataz_01_24.gif
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