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yesterdays bacon smoke

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Excellent job!!!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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wow dude..........just wow...........
did you post your method and smoke times yet/

points for you
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7.5 #s pork belly,cut into manageadle pieces & into buckboard cure for 8 days-turned daily- in the meantime used the fat to make cracklins(yumm)used jimbos technique as far as the baste & fan for a few hrs.Smoked at 120'ish for 7 hrs. with hickory-basted with extra sauce for first couple hrs. than went to apple juice.I pretty happy! my first time doing belly-this was the smaller 1/2 I bought,needed 1 under my belt before I play with the other-have done other bacons in the past with great results.kept some out to let others taste test,have plenty food saver bags in the deep freeze.
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Looks damn good............
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wow wish it were in my freezerwink.gif
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Pretty li'l bacon strip... oh come here please! };[)
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WTG, thats awesome. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Where do you find the slabs of pork bellies that are so lean..Most bought bacon is mostly fat..Where do you find a slab that looks so good and lean? Do they come in different sizes..Pork bellys?
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Wow. That's a lot of bacon.
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thanks all,these bellies came from local mex. meat market-he didn't have on hand so ordered outta Phoenix-Farmer Johns warehouse-I trimmed the main fat cap off them before smokin them,bought 2 pieces 1 was 9lbs( which was this 1) gave me 6.5 lbs. of bacon after smoke.fat went to cracklins and froze some for sausage when needed.The other is 13 lbs. with a smaller fat cap,wheels are spinning on what to do with it.least i know now I made friend that can do good on bellies.they come fresh not frozen which I like also.
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What kind of price range are they charging?
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i finally found a place other than a mex grocerie........i can get full sides from a area meat locker bout 30 miles from here..........mostly places charge you whatever market value that day it........round 2 summin lb here in iowa
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Man, That looks Marvelous. Congrats and thanks for posting, now I wanna try it. LOLicon_mrgreen.gif
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Damn! I've made my share of bacon and that has to be the leanest belly I've ever seen! Good Job and points to you!
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