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Smoked Beef Short Ribs

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Smoked some beef short ribs I picked up on sale. First time for these. I sprinkled on a bit of Cowtown Sweet Spot rub and smoked them on the GOSM at 250°F for 3 hours with hickory. Basted them with Head Country Sauce after pulling them off the smoker. These are good eats!
First pic is the ribs just off the smoker, second is the ribs basted with Head Country Sauce, third is the ribs ready to serve.
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man sure are some good looking beef ribs, makin me hungry all over again

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Great lookin ribs!I agree with Lawdog,it's making me hungry.icon_lol.gif
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Looks good enough to eat!!!biggrin.gif
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Mike do you think that shorts, spares and backs are all from the same cut, just trimmed diferently? I get that impression from my butcher and it might account for the different names I see pasted on the same looking cuts of beef over time.
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They look mighty tasty.
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Nice Beef Ribs

They sure do look nice Mike. Have not tried beef ribs as of yet. So many things to try and sooooo little time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Ya done good Pilgrim. Now you have me thinkin of smokin some baby Dinos. Problem is, it's 5* outside with a windchill of -15, and more snow showers headed thisa way. Oh what the he!!, It'll be a challenge!
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Here is a link that will tell you about beef short ribs, and a whole lot more. Click on "Beef Cuts".

Spares and backs are pork - that's different. wink.gif
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Yes, you would think that, but I see Short Ribs, spare ribs, beef backed ribs all the time and they are ALL beef.
Will check out the link, thanks
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I suppose that is just one of those regional differences. Having lived various places I know each move required a bit of getting used to the things we were used to being sometimes called other things. icon_rolleyes.gif
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