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BB's, Butt, Corn, and Pig Candy oh My!

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I just put on a small Butt (10 lbs before cooking) and have 8 sides of BB's rubbed up and waitin for tomorrow. This isn't my first smoke but I'm still a noob and probably always will be! Thought I would finally come out of lurking and say hello to everyone.

I'm currently using a small Traeger pellet smoker on loan from my dad. He likes to have toys but prefers that I do the cooking and since I live across the road...wink.gif

I always take a few pictures of my meat in prep and finished product and will post them up as soon as I upload them to photobucket.

Going to also smoke some corn on the cob and make a little Pig Candy neither of which I have tried before.
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More later!
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Glad to see you came out of hiding! Post those pics!
I'm here to testify your first batch of pig candy will NOT be your last! Good stuff Maynard! I have seen pig candy wrapped around ABT's, have not tried it yet, but it's coming. biggrin.gif
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Should I cook it ahead of time or try to serve it pretty close to when it comes off the smoker?
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My experience has been that it doesn't last too long after it comes off the smoker. Better make plenty. PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif
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Welcome and head to Roll where'rya from and other relevant data. Helps us give answers...maybe even correct ones!
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Hey! My answer was correct! PDT_Armataz_01_11.gif
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looks good to me-and ya a roll call-welcome from a gimp knee
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Well, yer better than I am Mike... Never was good at the swami-thing.. ;{)
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Not real impressed with my Pig Candy, I should have cooked it longer (I like bacon crispy)

Ribs have been on about 3 hours and corn is about to go on shortly. Will try to get some shots before we tear into them. I had the butt shredded before I realized that I hadn't took a picture.
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Looks Crispy enough for me... LOLPDT_Armataz_01_22.gif
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Well had about 25 people here last night, I didn't get anymore pictures taken due to a lot of people coming early. The ribs and pulled pork were a big hit. Lots and lots of clean bones. Got a few ribs left for supper tonight, kinda like chili...always better the second day!
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man that does look good .wish it wasnt 20 below todayicon_sad.gif
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