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marinating a brisket?

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A guy at work wants me to smoke 10 briskets for him next weekend. His wife wants them marinated for 3 days first though. They used to pay a guy here in town to smoke their briskets (for parties and such), and he told them that he marinated them for 3 days. I told him I never marinate mine, that it is pointless to marinate a brisket. He said his wife said it has to be done. Now, he has ate my brisket numerous times, and told her I know how to smoke a brisket.

Should I marinate them? If so, in what? Or should I just smoke them the way I always do, and say, "Yeah I marinted them"?

I told him I would smoke them for him, if he came over and helped (and learned how to do it), for a brisket to keep.
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Eh, give 'em a rub. 3 day's worth. Do it in Tulsa Time. "Set your watch back two days...livin' on Tulsa time" Good old Clapton tune.
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So what are trying to say?biggrin.gif

I would take the wife some regular brisket and ask if what she would like.

Also was he really marinating them or just adding rub and wrapping them for 3 days prior.

He may of said something about marinating them with rub and well you know how women tend to be.
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That is what I was wondering too. I wrap mine all the time, to rest over night in the fridge after rubbing. I am smoking a brisket tomorrow, and he told me last night he is bringing one to work today for me to do also, for her to try out. I will rub one overnight in the fridge, and rub one in the morning before smoking, and see which one she likes better.
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Chris, I really never heard of anyone marinating a brisket. I would agree with Glued, Maybe they really meant rubed. I know my wife gets things confused all the time.
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What would be the point of rubbing a brisket for 3 day's??
The flavor isin't going to "soak in" unless you use enough salt and then ya got corned beef.
Even marinating a brisket for 3 day's would make it mushy and nasty!!
Do em your way Chris or tell them to do it themselve's....
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yup cris do a dry rub for her,let taste and let her approve-we all know women and how things get twisted!OH and thats just some women!
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Do em your way Chris or tell them to do it themselve's....[/quote]

I like the way you think Bubba
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Ok, I talked to him tonight at work. He is not sure what the guy did, but he understands what I told him about rub vs. marinate. He is going to let her taste some of the brisket I am smoking tomorrow.

I can fit 4-6 briskets in my smoker. Plus, I have the almost finished one in the garage- I need to finish it. Been working on that thing off and on (mostly off, eh) for a year now. It will hold the same amount. Be looking for the Q-view Sat night or, most likely, Sun afternoon.
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One of the best briskets I ever tasted came from a local resterant. The guy said all he does is marinate and smoke. Course he wouldnt give up any details. Trade secrets I guess. Hoewever, thats a LOT of meat to risk on a process you know nothing about. Do it your way and they wont be sorry.
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