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advice on steelhead?

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I'm gonna smoke a pork shoulder tomorrow and thought I'd try some steelhead filets too. Now I see I should brine for 3 days first -- think I could do without that?
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I'm not expert on steelhead, but as I understand it's a combination of trout and salmon. With either fish, a brine would do you good, but personally think 3 days is a little steap. For fillets, I would think a few hours would be sufficient. Make sure to rinse well and re-season.

As for cooking, for handling purposes, I would cook them on a wet cedar plank. Cook until it flakes with a fork.
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At most brine them for 24 hours which is on the steep side. Take them out, rinse, pat dry and put them on a rack so that air can circulate on both sides. Leave in the fridge until the pellatin has formed.

Once it has, you're good to go to smoke.
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