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Fiddler, what size do you recommend for the 40" MES? I was thinking rather than drilling a hole, that you could put something onto the shaft of your Smoke Daddy so that it would install through and fit snuggly in the wood chip hole. Do you know if anyone has done/tried that?
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How is the Smoke Daddy held in place once you drill the hole?
Is there a long enough shaft to securely hold it in place?
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I should have looked at you site before I posted.
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Wow, I just quoted myself. Will I go blind?

Fiddler252, Here's a link to what Illini did to install his home-made smoke generator through the wood chip hole. I don't see why yours can't be adapted similarly.
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Smoke Daddy

I don’t see why you couldn’t . All you have to do is have a 5/8 hole to insert the smoke outlet tube into. It comes with a washer that is welded on the outlet tube and a nut and washer to fasten it on your smoker. The outlet tube can be used for a thin wall application or turned around for a refrigerator style application. I have heard of many different types of applications using this unit. The outlet tube is a standard 3/8 npt you could put a coupling on the end to reduce the size to whatever you need. The smoke output is the same on the 2 larger units one just smokes longer than the other 6 or 10 hr on one load.Thanks for your interest in the Smoke Daddy
Dennis AKA Porky pa
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Got my Big Kahuna yesterday (thanks Fiddler). Very fast shipping!
I drilled the hole in the side of my 40" Masterbuilt and put on a couple of blocks of cheese. 45 minutes later I had the fire department searching the neighborhood, because of someone complaining of a strong smoke smell.
I live in a very congested part of the city and my 2 electric smokers sit on a second floor porch, so I can see people getting a little worried.
This thing produces way more smoke than even my lump smoker that sits in my backyard. And, I've never had a complaint or visit from the BFD over that.
I'm looking forward to cold smoking some kielbasa next.
I highly recommend Fiddler's product.
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Smoke Daddy

Thanks for the review. When you first light it, it will produce allot of smoke but after 5 to 10 min it will settle down and then you can make air flow adjustments for the amount of smoke you want. I takes a little getting used to. But once you dial it in I don’t think you will have the FDP over unless they are hungry.
Thanks Dennis AKA Porky Pa
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I bought the mid-sized one. I like it icon_smile.gif . I don't do any cold smoking, but use it more for longer smokes so I don't have to keep adding wood.

Here's a link to my thread if you want to check it out. Lots off pics and a video of it in action.
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any ballpark of time to get CHIPS burning enough on their own to smoke at first? once they are going, does the air pumped in keep them going? thanks.
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Where's the fun in that? biggrin.gif

Seriously, it looks like a pretty good idea if you're going to be away from your smoker for a long period of time.
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I use a propane torch, keep the flame on the bottom screen for about a minute. Put the bottom cover on and turn the air up high for about ten minutes to get things going, then drop it back to where my normal setting. Stays burning on it's own.
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The Smoke Daddy

Dave sounds like you got it figured out. It takes a little getting used to but once you do they work very well.
The one thing I tell people is to clean it after each uses to avoid tar build up. Soaking in hot water and using a 3m pad work well for cleaning.
Porky Pa
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Another thing I forgot to mention...I find the unit needs some warm up time. I usually start it up an hour before I plan to put the meat in. When first started there will be a lot more smoke and the odor is a little harsh, kinda missing that rich hickory smell. After an hour the smoke slows down some and you start to smell the aroma of nice rich hickory. My signal to put the meat in and top it off with more chips/pellets. icon_smile.gif

Maybe the cylinder heating up (gets pretty hot) and the moisture released from the burning wood below makes some steam in the chamber, getting the rest of the chips/pellets damp and slowing things down. Just a theory PDT_Armataz_01_29.gif.

Fiddler is right about the cleaning, needs it after each use. I give it a quick soak in hot soapy water and use an SOS steel wool pad. Cleans up pretty easy.
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I used chunks for something the other day and I kept forgetting to add In the MES, a chunk last under 40 min. Lots of trips to the smoker for a 14 hr smoke. Now as long as I remember to mop every few hours I'm good. biggrin.gif. Less interruptions during the games on Sunday biggrin.gif.
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