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Hungarian Rice Sausage Recipe - Huuurrrrrka!

Hungarian Rice sausage recipe. I eat it with lots of ketchup after pan-frying.

5 lb pork butt
1 lb pork liver
1 lb rice
2 lg onions
bacon grease
salt, pepper, marjoram, paprika(just a touch - or it can't be Hungarian!), garlic, maybe some sage and a pinch of allspice

Make the rice per the package
Boil the meat and liver for @ 1hr - reserve liquid
Saute onions in bacon grease until golden
Grind the meat on fine
mix all together - season to taste
add some of the reserved liquid until you have a good consistancy for stuffing
Stuff hog casings using the mid size tube (I have a 3# LEM stuffer)
Tie off into rings and cook in boiling water to cook the skins.
Fry and eat or freeze or whatever.
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Boy, this is an old thread but on Christmas morning I'm missing a big part of my Italian family history.  We always had Italian sausage and Italian Liver sausage for breakfast on Christmas.  They both went in the fry pan at the same time but liver sausage was cooked longer until it was dark and crispy.  It wasn't pure liver, more like 1/4 liver, the rest was pork, beef, and veal.  The flavor and texture was intoxicatingly delicious, especially when eaten between a folded slice of fresh baked, still warm, Italian hard crust bread with a soft fluffy heart. 


Unfortunately, our family was dispersed all over the country and contact was only at holidays.  Additionally all the first and second generation of family immigrants in unwritten possession of the recipes have been promoted to angels.  Fortunately I have tastebuds that mimic an elephant's memory so I will eventually duplicate the recipe. Until then, I'm enjoying the search and can't wait to try some on the smoker.  It was fun reading the other folks here who enjoyed this unusual addition to sausage. 


Merry Christmas!  or Buon Natale!  

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Originally Posted by lcruzen View Post

Plath's just calls it liver sausage so I'm not sure what catagory it would fall under. It has a very gray color to it and a rich taste. Very smooth tasting like it has cream cheese in it. Actually, the closest product I've found to it is Koegels liver sausage.

Next time I'm in a book store I'm grab one of those publications. Thanx for the info!



Down in the southeast, Neese's is a popular brand, and it's pork based. Lots of mom and pop butcher shops make it in house in the Carolinas, but we call it 'Liver Pudding.' I want to try making some now that I stumbled across this thread, been living in Southern Cali for years and I don't remember when was the last time I've even seen it in a store much less had some. We grew up pan frying it and eating it on toast with mustard.
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