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Liver Sausage

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I was cleaning out my freezer over the weekend and found some old freezer burnt liver sausage from a place in Roger City, Michigan called Plath's Meats. I was so dissappointed that I forgot it was in there and lost it. This stuff is incredible and folks who don't like liver like this stuff.

Anyway, got to thinking about trying to make my own and also how it would taste smoked. Anyone out there with a tried and true recipe and experience with making liver sausage?


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I'm one of those people who can't eat liver but love liver sausage. I'm going to try to smoke some since you asked the question....let us know if you try it and how it went.
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Liverwurst, Farmer's style, braunschweger or <Sorry Gooose> Goose liver sausage? Rytek Kutas' book has these four. I recommend it to all sausage making fans, "Great Sausage Recipes and Meat Curing" 3rd edition is current, but any edition is awesome.
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Plath's just calls it liver sausage so I'm not sure what catagory it would fall under. It has a very gray color to it and a rich taste. Very smooth tasting like it has cream cheese in it. Actually, the closest product I've found to it is Koegels liver sausage.

Next time I'm in a book store I'm grab one of those publications. Thanx for the info!

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Me to, Cant stand liver, when I was a kid my mom would make it and make us eat it. I always cut mine into swallowable sized bits and downed with milk. I must have the first edition from Rytek Kutas. It was a gift in the early 90's. I should get it out again.
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I just threw up a little bit in my mouth....sorry guys, the only use I've found for liver is bait for the catfish. yuck yuck yuck. I guess my opinion is even further swayed by the fact that the liver was designed by God to rid the blood system of toxins. Sludge is the first thought that comes to my mind....oops I just threw up a little again.

Of course, if you are then taking the mix and stuffing it into a hose that was originally connected to the hog's hoo-ha, toxins become a moot point.

Just my gross 2 cents.
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Two words Geek Poop Tube.

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My sediments exactly
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lmao... that's how I feel about it too!
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Liver Sausage

Oh Hahaha. I just finished reading the replies to your post and I was laughing so hard I almost choked on my chew. I myself love liver sausage but try not to eat it to often because it is just packed with cholestrol like any organ meat. Regular liver I can take or leave. I might have a meal or two of it a year. I think the best liver I ever had was from a freshly shot deer. Rolled in flour and fried in butter. It was pretty tasty.
Now if someone wanted a real challange, maybe take about a two pound piece of Lutefisk and try smoking it. icon_eek.gif The wife's father loves the stuff and I just can't handle it at all. I would almost bet that someone on this forum has tried smoking it though...hehehe

Happy Smokin

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I just got caught up on the posts and you guys are killing me!biggrin.gif

I always refered to natural casings as the poop chute also. Sorry to gag you Geek!

Gotta tell this story though. Back a bunch of years ago when I was in culinary school we had liver and onions on the menu one day and I was tasked with skinning and portioning it. When the chef brought it out and plopped it on the table in the prep area it looked like a 20lb blood clot sitting on my cutting board. To that point I'd never eat any kind of liver but all the time and effort I put into it I had to try it. I have to say fresh, skinned steer liver pan fried quickly to a medium well doneness is excellent.

Steve, never heard of lutefisk. Anything like haggis?

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eek gad. I saw Lutefisk on TV last year. Dehydrated then pickled fish just doesn't do it for me. It makes you wonder what the heck people were thinking. Had to be spawned from shear bordem, a bet, or copious amounts of alcohol (or a combination of a couple)
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Or a need to eat in the dead of a hellish winter. Amazing motovator, hunger is.
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Information about Lutefisk

For all you folks wondering what Lutefisk is, I'm hoping to send a link with this thread because I know inquireing minds want to know...hehe

Here it is...... Lutefisk - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Hope this explaines it for you

Happy Smokin

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here is a liver sausage recipie that has been in the family at least 3 generations. it calls for a hog head but i use som misc trimmings instead.
if you want to use the hogs head you need to put in a canner and start boiling in water .
trim heart and liver and cut in chunks, after head has boiled for an hour add liver and heart chunks and boil for one hour more.
remove meat and refigerate, also refrerate broth left overnight. next day all the fat in liquid will have risen and solidified to top. lift off and discard.
grind the cooked meat through 3/16 grinder plate.
per 6# of meat add:
3 tbl salt
3 tea pepper
1 tea minced garlic
2 quarts of the broth reserved
stuff in pork casings and tie off in rings, put in boiling water for about a minute and then dip in ice water(i think this tenderizes the casing???)

i make some every couple years just to remind me of the old days. we bake it in the oven until casing is dark brown and just to the point where one could almost call it burnt. serve on buttered toast-great stuff.
i know this does not involve smoking and may not be appropriate for here but thought i would put it in any way. if anyone trys this i hope you enjoy!
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Thanx for the recipe. I'll give it a try sometime in the spring when I can do it outside.
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Never had liver sausage, but since living in the south I have been introduced to liver pudding. Tastes great

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This is what I found

The Scandinavian delicacy known as lutefisk - which means, literally, "cod soaked in plutonium"- dates to the Viking era. ...
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my grandfather was from sweden.......come over as a boy.......he LOVED lutefisk...........when my grandparents would visit, my mom would cook it for him.........MAN the SMELL..........*gag*......stunk up the house for DAYS.............ugh......makes me want to unchuck just remembering
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