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GOSM 3405BGW Picture

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Would someone please post a picture of their Wide Body GOSM smoker 3405BGW. On Wal-Marts page looks like they are showing the same model between the two sizes.

Thanks in advance.
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Here I'll give it a try
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It is the same.....just fatter!! wink.gif
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same height,same depth, 8in wider, so 24 in wide instead of 16, besides that they are the same
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Here are some with a couple easy mods. The Mods are talked about on another post somewhere!!!!!!!

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Smokey can you explain the shut off valve mod more please?

Oh and thanks to all.
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I like the way you styled your side vents. I've been tossing a mod around. But wasn't looking forward to taking a 3 inch hole saw to the side of my GOSM. I won't mind 4, 1/2 inchers.
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It is inline before the control valve that is on the front of the smoker. When you have the smoker set to low then you can close down the ball valve I put on to restrict gas flow more to get less of flame therfore less heat and lower temps in the smoker. I can readily hold 140* to do jerky and fish so I really like it!!!!!!!!!!!Hope this helps???????
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Yes thanks, that was I thought you were trying to do. Does the flame stay lit OK running that low?
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I saved your picture of the gas valve mods. I am going to try this because I wasn't to be able to smoke summer sausage and this should allow me to lower the temp to within a suitable range. Have you experienced any flame blowouts due to lowering the flame?
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Never had any yet but I have not used on a very windy day either. If you have a wind block I believe you will be fine!!!!!!
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