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Howdy from South Texas

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I haven't been here long, but i am already impressed. I just posted 2 questions down around the thermometer section. Maybe someone can help.
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Welcome to the forum. biggrin.gif
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Howdy Jet Deck!

NavionJim here in Kingwood Texas just North of Houston. Welcome to the forum. Judging from your user name might you be a fellow aviator by chance? I did see your other post too, if you have rotating shelves you must have a pretty decent pit! Wish I could suggest something for the thermo, I use an Oregon Scientific most of the time but the base unit wouldn't handle being inside the smoke chamber which I gather is what you need, right?
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Welcome to the SMF, Jet
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Welcome to SMF. Friendly folks here someone will be along to answer your questions
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Yes, Jimbo, that's exactly what i need. The smoker started as a back patio size, and just got out of hand. But it is fuel efficient, so won't be a big deal to fire it up for just something small. Thank y'all for the warm welcome.
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Welcome to the SMF Jet Deck! Glad you found us and we look forward to your posts. I saw your other posts regarding the thermometer. Richtee may be on to something. Good luck on your search and again, welcome aboard.
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Welcome to the site..... I like the looks of your smoker project.......

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