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I've already eaten some of it and it's not going to kill my dogs.
My house is in the woods 30 miles from the closest town,my dogs I'm sure have eaten things in the woods that I don't even want to know about.icon_rolleyes.gif
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I still can't see the pictures (probably my computer), but your bacon should be fine.
I can't tell what is wrong..I'm guessing the color?

Here are pictures of my brined and dry cured...the two rows on the back are brined....they come out the same color as my dry cured.

The one on the right is the brine cured.....

Sorry I can't think of what would have gone wrong....the size of your loin should have been fine.

I'll do more thinking......I'm in the middle of doing taxes (arrgghh), will check back in soon.
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I recently did Cowgirls brine cured c bacon, two 8-9lb loins. It was all very good, but I noticed a big difference in color. Some of the slices were lighter, some were darker and some were half and half. The darker slices were much more moist than the lighter slices. I'm not sure why this was but I do know It was not the cure but the loin itself. Wish I had a better pic, but you can see the darker color on the slices to the right.

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Craig, I got your e-mail....thank you! Looks great!
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After I get the new smoker built, I'm diffenetly going to make some of this!PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif Man that looks good!
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I'm going to try Cowgirls Canadian bacon process.This will be my first Canadian bacon smoke.I plan to use the dry cure method, however I have a question. After I put on the dry cure can I put the loin in a vacuum bag and vacuum seal it for the curing process?

Double T
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Canadian Bacon

Going into cure tomorrow looking for answer to post #27 in this thread.

Double T
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yes.........dble T......but i just use a heavy duty zip lock bag, and get all the air outta it............werked great here
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also make sure you flip the meat every day..............
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That MAY reduce curing time. Did some belly bacon and of the two chunks I vac'd and the two I din't, seems I could have saved a day with the vac. what. Less oxygen is a good thing tho.
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Thanks WD and Rich. I will try the vacuum seal bags.
I also tried to order a meat slicer from Weston and had trouble with the web site. I will try to call and order one Monday morning.
Thanks again for the reply.

Double T
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nothin but red x's here alsoPDT_Armataz_01_07.gif
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I seen them the other day- now gone. I copied the link location and they are not there either...
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Well I don't even have the pictures,I don't know what happen to them.confused.gif
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Go to your photobucket page and find them if they were moved...
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I did go to photobucket and I have them in there,but I don't know why they went away here?
When cowgirl said she couldn't see them I sent her one of the picture,to her email and she could see it.
I don't know if I'll post them again now or not.Where I live we're going to get an ice store with about 1/2 inch of ice.I have satellite internet because I live so far from a town so I will probably be losing the internet since I see it's just starting to get ice now,bummer for me today.icon_sad.gif
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Ahhh well, don't sweat it Craig... get prep'd to deal with the storm and it's ramifications... good luck!
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