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New member from Pace, FL

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Hi, I'm Jason. I live in Pace, FL, just outside of Pensacola. I'm a newbie at smoking. I got a Brinkman Smoke N Pit from Walmart this past November and smoked a turkey, a brisket, and a pork butt for Thanksgiving. All of it turned out great but I haven't had a chance to use it since then.

I've been reading about the various mods the past couple of days. This weekend I plan to mod mine with a baffle, and I plan to extend the chimney to the grate. I also need to put in some real thermometers because the one that came with it sucks. One of the mods that I don't quite understand is the charcoal basket. I'm not sure on the placement of it and I'm not quite sure how I'll make one. Also, its already rusting, so I'm going to look for some paint.

Once I get the mods done this weekend, I'm going to get some Hickory and smoke next weekend for Daytona. I've been reading about fatties and ABT's and I'm itching to try them along with some ribs.

Thanks for all the great info that I've read so far.

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Welcome to SMF! It sounds like you're all set to get rolling. Lots of folks here are ready and willing to share their experience, so don't be afraid to ask questions.
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Welcome to the SMF, Jason!
While i don't have that model, I surmise the charcoal basket helps the air flow and temp regulation of that unit. Seems most make them from that heavy gauge expanded metal grate stuff.

Try these threads:

Also, oiling the unit is an alternative to painting it. Seems Walking dude recently larded up his pit and put a nice oil finish on it.

On edit: Search expired, here's the individual threads:
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Welcome to the smf. Lots of great info here and great poeple.

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Welcome to smf!!!
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Welcome aboard Jason, this Florida crowd is growing by the day.
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Welcome to the SMF. You can get some high temp grill paint to touch that up. Like Rich said, find some expanded metal, and make a basket. It helps keep a more even temp.Here is a pic of one.
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Jason welcome to smf and mayall your smokes run thin and blue!!!!!!!!!!
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Welcome to the forum. biggrin.gif
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Welcome to the SMF, Jason
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Welcome, I lived in Milton Fla back in the 70's (NAVY)
Bought my first house there. Is there still a scratch ankle festival ?
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I've never heard of the scratch ankle festival.
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Maybe ask some old timers. It was a festival remembering when people settled there and I guess there were alot of burrs about ankle high. thus scratch ankle. This was mid to late 70's
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Welcome! I live about an hour east of you on I-10.
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got that right. Welcome aboard
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Greetings Jason and welcome to the SMF! I'm just down the road a little from you in south Walton County (Seagrove Beach). Hope to hear from you often.
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Welcome to the SMF, and congrats on the new smoker. Looking forward to your Q Views, and the mod pics too!
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