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Suggestions for a 1st smoker?

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Hey all-

It's time to make my real entrance into the world of smoking. I miss Texas barbecue now that I'm up here in Seattle and need to start cranking out some brisket and ribs. Plus, those fatties I read about on this site sound amazing.

Anyway, I've seen the GOSM mentioned quite a bit but have also heard that it's tough to get it to maintain low temps. I'm looking to cap my spending at $200 or $250 and would much prefer a propane smoker. Any suggestions and/or comments will be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.
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hello i own a smoke hollow propane and really like it even before mods that i did to it. i believe it is made or marketed by outdoor leisure products. it works really well good quality as with a lot of lower priced smokers the thermometer on the door has a little to be desired for it but for $129.00 i think it is kind of hard to beat. great value i dont think you would be un happy with this unit. just my two cents worth.
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Welcome to smf. Here are some easy cheap mods you can do to get the temp low enough to do fish and jerky. I can get mine down to about 140 and the parts are easy to get in the plumbing section at lowes/home depot.

post #4 of 9 got a parts list of what was used?

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have a gosm--love it..holds a decent amount of food and versatile..easily portable and affordable..but then again i am not feeding crowds..plenty for my small family and some friends....fits plenty of ribs if you use rib racks...just my opinion....PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif
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Just curious there Fred what size GOSM you have? I have been looking for the Big Block but if I can't find one I might just settle for the wide body as I too will not be feeding crowds.
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I took the regulator from the GOSM with me and fit 1 male/male (threaded both ends)short @ 2-3" gas fitten 2 female/female couplers and 1 ball valve put thread tape on all male ends and that was it. Works great and doesn't leak. I guess if tou want to you could glue it together but I didn't. Hope this helps!!!!!!!!!!
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Thanks for the suggestions. So the big block GOSM and wide-body GOSM are different? I thought they were the same product. Is one preferable to the other?
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I also have a Smoke Hollow and i love it!
I contacted the company and told them I was having issues w/ high heat in the summer (90* +) and they sent me a smaller burner FREE!
Took me about 5 minutes to switch it out and it runs perfectly now winter or summer. So now I have a back up burner if I want to cook hotter. Who knows the new ones may come w/ the smaller burner.

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