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Suggestions on a Stuffer?

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I have a Cabelas upright 20# stuffer, it is great, except for leaving 3#s of meat when you get to the end of a batch. So I bought one of these cast, 5# (what I call old fashioned) stuffers on ebay. I thought this would solve all my problems for the remaining meat in my stuffer. Well, the meat just mushes through the top every time. I have tried adding water to the meat to the point it is way to wet. It looks like there is to much space in between the plunger and the walls of the stuffer. I am looking for any suggestions. Thank You Guys/Gals
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If it is an older cast iron stuffer I am guessing your first problem may be that you may have a small plate instead of a large plate. The bottom side of the plate should say which one you have.

The other option is to purchase a wiper ring. I have purchased them before on eBay, but I do not see any on there right now. The ring is made to fit your stuffers cylinder and goes between the plate and the meat. When they are on eBay they are generally under $10.00. This will help quite a bit even if you do have a small plate on your stuffer.
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Sorry for the bad description. This is my back up that is giving me fits.
Maybe these are just junk, I dont know I have never tried one till the other day.
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on your 20 lber try adjusting the plastic plate that pushes the meat, by not screwing it on all the way . it should be able to unscrew about 3/8" without comming off.
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With the type of stuffer in your photo I have heard of people just using a wash cloth to seal it so the sausage doesn't leak out while pressing. I have never used that style myself, so I am just repeating what I have heard.
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Thanks Mossy,
I was wondering if that might work, but thought someone might have tried it or something else.
if any one else has any suggestions please let me know.
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Try cutting a plate to just fit inside the stuffer diameter, and putting your meat in a food safe bag. Pull a corner of the bag out the exit before attaching the nozzle. No cleaning of the press, and with the plate it all goes out.
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get one of them thin rubber pads they use to open jar lids put it between
the meat and the plunger and the meat wont squeez out from the sides
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I have heard of people putting plastic bags over the cylinder to make a good seal. I have never tried it myself but if you put a few on there you might make a good seal. Let us know if it works.
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I need (want) a stuffer, and have been heavily leaning toward a Cabelas. I'd like to hear how any of you get that last few lbs. out without resorting to pulling out the meat and using a different device. Currently, I use my grinder to stuff and chase the last of the meat out of the screw with ice. As soon as I see ice start to come out of the stuffing tube I'm done. Very little remains in the grinder, not enough to worry about. Maybe crushed ice would work in a vertical stuffer in a similar manner (just thinking aloud here).
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Mule, that is a great Idea, along with all the others. Next week I plan on doing a sausage stuffing extravaganza... I will try all input on both stuffers and keep you all posted.
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What I can tell you from the "rumor mill" is that Cabela's stuffers have a thinner gauge stainless steel than other brand name stuffers. I hear they are fine except tend to bulge when trying to stuff sticks.

I also hear they are standing behind the stuffers and replacing them. Hope this helps.....
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I have never had any problems, other than the minor 3 # left in the bottom. I stuff alot of sticks, it works great if you add water to the meat. if not you have nothin but probs. the insstructions that come with it tell you how much to add, i think it is 2 cups per 10 #. Any ways I really like mine, course I have not had any others.
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After fireguy's response I do have to add,; for meat sticks we add water to the mixture and also only fill our 25 pounder about a third to a half full. We found out right away that 25 pounds of meat sticks is too much for a 25 lb. stuffer(in our case anyways).....the smaller 3/8" nozzle is to small to squeeze that many pounds of pressure out of a one time.
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Water in the meat you are stuffing really depends on what size tube you are stuffing with.....

Not trying to knock your statement; just trying to clarify that for others.....
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Mossy, that is correct.... I only add water for my sticks, though some recipes call for water, but with my sticks you need to add more water.
sorry sometimes I think I make sense, but dont...

if we think of simple hydrolics, well lubed or deluted things move easier..
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I usually try to work with the concept of "If you love it, lube it !!" and generally it work out....
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Right on brother!!!!
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Thanks for the heads up on the Cabelas units. I am leaning toward the 30#r and I don't want to lay down that kind of money if it will not be quality. I'll continue to research them, kinda like Westons too. Also thank you both of you for the discussion on stix. As I said, I always do mine through the grinder, wouldn't have considered the pressure/volume issue with the smaller tube on the big vertical cylinder. I'm sure I'd have just loaded her up, and fought the battle to the end, and been all bent out of shape about how it didn't "work right". I usually mix about a quart of ice water to 25# of meat in all my sausage mixes and have found that to give me the right stuffing consistency, whether its salami size (2 1/2 in.), polish or breakfast, and even stix (19 - 21 mm). Again this is through my #32 grinder.
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A friend of mine used to use several pieces of wax paper with a rubber band to hold the paper. This would help take up space between the plate, and the stuffer's wall. The only drawback is after a while the paper becomes very soggy, and you have to replace the wax paper. I got tired of doing this so I bought a cannister style from NorthernTools for $79.00. The only problem that may arise in the future is the plastic style gears instead of metal.
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