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My father had the problem and drove all of us away...because he wouldn't admit to it. You on the other hand do...and like others have said that's a great start. Whte Cloud may have a point....get involved with something else to take your mind and energy away from the drink. Get your family involved and make it a family project. If your family is involved your much less likely to go back. God bless!!
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XTexan, I too have had a long bout with the bottle. In my teens and 20's and early 30's I spent more money on booze than any other bill(s) I had. Much like my father, one day I just said I'd had enough and I stopped completely. This meant a change of friends, a change of job and eventually a change of location. I'm now doing pretty good, occasionally have a beer or two with a dinner and that's about it. I still have a case of Shiner in the downstairs fridge, but haven't had a desire to have one. Most times I don't even think about it now.

Good luck with your battle. Don't beat yourself up over it, just take it a day at a time. The hardest part for me was the social part (come on, lets go have a beer or 6). Some of my real friends understood, some didn't. Feel free to pm me if you need someone to talk with.

From one x-texan to another...

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Thanks I appreciate the encouraging words...this site is definitely like family to me.
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Yanno...this is the WRONG time to tell me I gave too many points today. Tommarow's are now spoken for.
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Hey man, keep the "Hair of the Bear", it's a hard fight but one well worth winning. Good luck now and in the future, remember, there are always people here who will listen.

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sorry to hear of your my own wakeupcall injuries, lots of $$$$$$$$$$$...better that wakeupcall then an injury or worse...if you feel so inclined pm me...remember to hug your family,,they are precious....take care..hope i was not out of place or too deep....
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Not at all, Thanks!

Fortunately I didn't have any legal issues (this time). Right now some days are good and some well.....not so good. But I remember how they were before and that is what keeps me strong. Sure I try to rationalize "maybe just one" . But there are some of us who simply cannot enjoy that luxury.
If anyone else struggles w/ this feel free to PM me, as many of you already have.


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XTex -- You are in my prayers. I thought of the 1 Cor 10:13 as I read this thread. Maybe it will encourage you as well.
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My heart hurts for your circumstance but I can rejoice knowing that you want to change it. I highly recommend that you find and participate in a bible based church. Using the guidance of Jesus Christ will increase your odds of success to 100%. If you need to talk call me 832 868 6268
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Xtex, just a note that I"m also keeping you in my thoughts....hell had I known you were in Columbus when we chatted last week I would've paid a visit.

Hang in there and remember.........if we strive for perfection and only make it half way, that's still better than if we didn't strive at all. Baby steps, baby steps.
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XTexan...just knowing what is important right now (you and your family) shows what a good man you are! No one here will judge you. I wish I could take the smoker off your hands :)

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XTexan, I can fell you man. There are better things on the horizon. You have taken the first BIG step. Hang in there man. We are here for you.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Sorry to hear your selling your rig............But I want to contratuate you on being able to admit you have a problem and realising whats important to you and that being your family......Alot of poeple can't do what you have been able to do......My hat goes off to you.............The hard part is behind you now...........
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Howdy X-Texan,

You are certainly not alone, alcohol kicked my butt a considerable way down the stairs. It almost cost me my job, family and even my life. I still suffer with it at times, our book describes it as cunning baffling and powerful and thats the truth, I have no idea how it ever got this way. For me the only answerer is to attend daily meetings and total abstention. Even knowing that I have had my share of relapse problems, every time it happened I'd told myself I was just going to have one or two beers, then three days later I'd wake up wondering what the hell happened. Get yourself a sponsor if you haven't already and call him daily. I wish you the best and feel free to PM me if you ever want to talk about it.
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Ibeen quit for 34 years I mean not a drop. Came from a family of hard drinker. You will be in our prayers
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Hey Tex, good luck to you. I have been a friend of Bill W's since 1995.

I did focus for a while too, and you can too. My e mail is

if you need a bud getting started.  I look back with peace now, and forward

"Hell Bent"!

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Nice to see the 12 steppers coming forward.  I have 20+ years clean and sober.  AA saved my life. It is amazing how much easier life is without the drinking and druging.  Stick with it XT.

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