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GOSM distribution

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I would love to find a 3605BGD somewhat local. I cannot seem to find any phone numbers for GOSM. I would like to call a get a list of distributers. Does anyone know their phone number?
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dont know where you are from but you can get one from bass pro shop, some walmarts,and they have them on e-bay,Let us know where you are from in rollcall.
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Try this number, I think it is meant for customer service GOSM 800-668-5323 Good luck my friend!
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I have already posted in roll call. I am in central Ohio.
I had not thought of Pro Bass, there is one 2-hours away. I will call them. I really want the wide 24†model. Thanks.

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Go to walmart.com. You can order one and they'll ship it to your local store for no charge. I just did this. I got the wide one and it took about 10 days to get there.
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I would love that but my first choice is the Big Block (3605BGD) and Wal-Mart does not carry that one.

I will try that # tomorrow richoso - they are closed right now.
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