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Yes with download instructions.
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The directions say to use a shallow pan and a fork to mix and get the clumps out when you are mixing it. I read somewhere on this forum that using a food processore with a chopping blade works great. That is the only way I make it now. It mixes it well and takes the clumps out great. I also use the food processor if the rub gets a bit clumpy between uses.

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The coffee grinder works well too..and is a heckuva lot less hassle to use and clean. Don't do too good for wet stuff...but for spices/rubs it's the thing.
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Interesting using the food processor. I was wondering about that my last mix. What speed do you use?
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The food pros. works great for dry rubs. The great thing about Jeff's naked rub is that is is great by itself. However you could use it as a base and add things to make it spicy or sweet. Whatever floats your boat!. I get naked myself when I make it I am not sure if it helps the flavor but it seems fitting given it's title of naked rib rub.PDT_Armataz_01_32.gif Justin Kidding
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I have substituted the B sugar for Turbinado with great results ... no clumping!
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Ditto on that. Same here.
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My food processor is a cheap little one. It has a two position switch. Down for pulse and up for constant on. I just put in in constant on and just keep adding ingredients until I'm done.

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Ingredient #2 : Smoked or regular?
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I am a sissy when it comes to Hot spicy foods and its not too hot for me.

I make up an ice cream bucket of it at a time. ( recipe x 8 ) I put it up in mason jars and use my vaccum sealer to seal the jars. It stays quite fresh and doesn't clump up at all.

I use it for most of the meats I smoke.
I did substitute the cayanne with ground white pepper because I like the heat and flavour of the white pepper better than the harsher bite of the cayanne. I use demerara sugar which I find is a nicer flavour than plain brown sugar.

I have angered more than one friend and or relative because I wouldn't give them the recipe. It belongs to Jeff and SMF, If they want it they have to buy it. Believe me the money I save in making my own rub is well worth what Jeff is asking and as has been pointed out already it helps SMF.
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I go to the bulk store, they have several bins of different types of Ingredient #2 . I put a daub on my finger and taste it. Believe me they are usually very different flavours and heats from one another. Find the one you like the taste of and go with that one.

As for smoked or not, it will get smoked enough while the meat is cooking.
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Jeffs rub ?

Can i put the rub on the bbribs the night before? Or do I have to wait a couple of hours before going into the smoker?
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then i will have to buy it.... even if i don't like it, it will still be worth it.
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