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Good work man! Obviously this unit does not smoke unless the the cooker is on as well. I am curious to see you findings with this test when you get it finished.
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Well....sad to report that the last test failed as well. It stayed at the 350+ mark for about another 5 minutes then dropped again. I did get better results with the Cooking elements going but still not what I want.

I want TBS.....all I am getting is NIBS (Nearly Invisible Blue Smoke).

It was interesting that the temp was much higher without the water in the tray.

Others have reported having nothing but ash after a smoke. Crossing my fingers that the replacement unit will work for me.
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How long do they have the unit running to have ash left? The only times I have had this happen is when I made my ribs using the 3-2-1 method and another time when I made a fatty. Both times I moistened the wood chips. I did not soak them nor did I put them in there dry. All I did was put them in a bowl and got them wet. Then drained all the water. The last time I smoked I used dry chips and they barely burnt except for in the middle of the pan. The first time I used this unit I soaked the chips and they seem more brown but not burnt. I will run my test wednesday and see. I wander if there is something wrong with this thermostat that can be fixed.
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This might be a dumb question, did you turn the smoke switch on? I get too much smoke with mine and have to wrap the wood in foil. If you are turning it on that element may not be working. I think it has a seperate element just for smoke. I just fired mine up about 30 minutes ago and didn't even have the temperature up but the smoke switch was on and it was smoking. Just a thought.
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I always have my smoke switch on. Do you get a complete burn of the chips?
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3 hours or less I don't (with the foil). 4 or more I do. When I didn't foil they burned too quick and were always ash.
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