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newbie from ohio

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hello, i am from van wert ohio i am new to this forum but not to bbq and smoking. equipment is a smoke hollow propane with pid temp controll system, and a large commercial stainless vertical insulated smoker that i converted to pid system as well will run on lp, natural gas and 220volt electric with pid temp controll for all sources. thank you.
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Welcome ot SMF !!!

I would love to see pics and a description of how you set your stainless up. I also have a large commercial stainless vertical insulated smoker that I converted to lp about 4 or 5 years ago. But I do not have this pid system you speak of or 220.
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welcome would like to see pics of your cookers.
and q-view of what they do icon_lol.gificon_lol.gificon_lol.gif
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Welcome to SMF. As I mentioned before I am finishing a similar setup...and BTW PID stands for proportional integral-differential control for you others wondering what the heck..

Are you a controls guy? Altho it's not difficult to program the new stuff, some familiarity of the stuff seems to be apparent :{)

I'll PM you a link to The Beast.

Enjoy yer time here!
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i am not what i would concider a controls guy i have worked with these controllers in industry in the past. i have a dwyer 2500 and it is not a real simple one for people that are not control guys but the only parameters that you really have to use with gas is the on/off set point value being desired temp and temp differential and alarms if you desire. as you probably already know. these functions are very easy to program and save. i will say that if you have not hooked this up yet that you are in for a real treat in the end the whole plumbing and wiring is very easy and it will yield almost unbeliveable results as it has for me. i also would like to warn you to be carefull with your propane regulator if you dont already know to not put more than 1 psi lp pressure to your 24 volt valve. this was the only thing that i saw major when i was drawing up my componet list initially someone could put a high pressure reg. into the valve and blow the diaphrams out. your projects all look really cool. i will try to get some pics soon of my set ups
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I have a regulator mounted in my propane line that reduces the pressure much more than the "regualtor" valve and controller off of a LP tank; how do I find out what poundage it is rated for?
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sometimes the regulator will have this stamped on it and generaly you will be under 1 psi max if not you want to ensure that you are operating at max 1psi or lower what kind of burners are you useing??
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I have a side burner off of a gas grill mounted in the smoker.

A past smoker I had made I did use a cast iron burner off of a Masterbuilt 7 in 1 smoker, I like the gas grill's side burner better because of additional adjustments for the fuel supply. I also have an extra cast iron burner (new) for a Holland grill.

I feel I am hijacking your "Roll Call" introduction which I did not mean to happen (sorry). Possibly a seperate thread when you post your stainless conversion or PM?
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Welcome to the site.

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Welcome to the SMF.
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this would make for a pretty easy conversion to a pid unit. i have installed these pids on gas and electric set ups and if you are at all handy and can do this with feeling safe than i would the outcome is set and forget. i have a 4 inch fire rod 220volt element that i put in my smoke pan that when the main element turns off then the firerod comes on and smolders the wood chips then when the pid calls for heat again the main element (3000watt oven element) comes on and the fire rod turns off. very simple to set up and very effective. i can smoke a load of jerky for 12 hours with this set up and never have to check on or worry about it with outstanding results.
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Welcome to SMF. I am from the hilly part of Ohio near Marietta/Belpre. Sounds like you got some good setups. Looking forward to the pics!

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welcome to SMF
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Welcome to smf. Sounds like ya got a little experience and can not wait to see some pics of your Q. We love pics here.
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Welcome to the SMF!!
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Welcome to SMF from southwest ohio.
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Welcome to the site! Glad you found it, and enjoy.
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