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Had to try it

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Ever since I seen that on here, I said I gotta try that. Wow those are good, well at least mine was lol. I stuffed it with dice jalpeno, G bell pepper and cream cheese. What a great food. Thanx for a great concept.
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Congrats Blacklab,
Gotta love the fatties!!! BTW We'd love to see some qview on your smokes!!

Keep smokin'
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I"ll take pics on my next smoke PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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longshot I never really took alot pictures of my smokes. There is a couple though wink.gif . Since I became a member of this site I see many more in the future biggrin.gif
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Sounds good... Great looking pics...........

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Boy Blacklab that salmon looks fantastic!! Is that two butts in the pie pan? all looks good.

Keep it up
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The salmon was brined in apple juice turn out pretty good. The pork on the other hand was awsome. Smoked those a while back about 14hrs.

Thanks Kookie and Longshot
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Fattie is only limited to your imagination as the possibilities are endless!!!!!!!!!!Smoke on my friend smoke on!
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