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Elk Ribs

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Well to save you all the details i'll keep it short. My mothers B-Day is coming up next week and she loves ribs so i figure I'll make her ribs for dinner, was going to head to the store and grab some spare ribs but when I looking in my freezer i found some packages of elk ribs. Has anyone ever tried smoking elk ribs if so can you please help me out here??
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Never tried elk ribs but I have made jerky and a fatty a while back. Excellent meat. Not much fat tho, so if ya try 'em, be sure to keep mopped. Might consider an EVOO or bacon grease rub to 'em first.
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I tried them on the grill once. They were so tough you couldn't rip a piece of meat off them! I don't bother to save them anymore. There's too much good meat on an elk PDT_Armataz_01_26.gif . Keith
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Texas-hunter, i just opened a package up and no the back strap was not attached to the top of the rib. They are set up with like 2 rib bones about 6" long with alot of meat on each side of them. They look really nice with alot of meat on them..
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boil the ribs for 30-45 min to remove the tallow then place in the smoker until done i have not tried this yet but is on my to do list i usually boil the ribs and place into crock pot until tender they are great
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I've not done them, but I have had friends who have and swear that they are great. I would think the usual rib rules would apply, low and slow, and as has been mentioned keep the lack of fat and marbling in mind.
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What kind of rub whould you guys recommend and can you please list the recipes too???
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