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Slosmoke in Wisconsin

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Been smoking for awhile,mostly fish and experiment batches of items in a smoking book I pick up when I have time.Smoked peanuts are a hit with everyone.Been using an old Charbroil (second burner) Looking at the Masterbuilt for my next buy.Lots of good stuff on this site.Well that about does it.
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Welcome to the forum. As you look through the pic (Qview) in these posts, you will come up with a lot of ideas for more smoking sessions wink.gif Keith
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Welcome Slowsmoke to smf. This forum is a great place. Just wondering how you do your smoked peanuts? I have done almonds once with more waiting to do!!!!!!!!! Anyway welcome.
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Welcome to the forum,there is alot you can learn here
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welcome fellow wisconsinite this is a great place to be.
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Hey SloSMOKE ,welcome!
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Welcome to the SMF, Slosmoke
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Welcome to the site......

Great to have you here...............

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Welcome to SMF !!!!

Your smoked peanius sound interesting......
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Welcome to the Site. Keep smoking and enjoy!
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Welcome to the SMF.
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Welcome, I'm new to this site, and have already gotten so much help on a smoke I recently did. Feel free to ask questions. I spend alot of time checking other people's post's learning new things. My girlfriend makes fun of me for this , but what does she know. Anyway welcome aboard!!!!!
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I bet she knows where her mouth is ;{)
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welcome slosmoke-hehe rich,ya Allies friends at work sure learning where there mouths are!
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Good job! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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