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Think I Gotta Problem

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Couple months ago, friend gave me some Pork Roast. This was from a 1/2 hog he bought. Noticed yesterday, was getting low on breakfast sausage. Took the roast out of freezer and put in fridge. This morning, opened fridge and smell "ham". Unwrapped the roast, yep , looks like it's been cured. It's thawed ... Now what?
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I would rub it and throw it on the smoker, I'm sure it will turn out good.
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Smoke it! Make up a name for a holiday , take the day off , and have smoked ham and all the fixins with it. Invite your boss.
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Hmm maybe grind one up anyway... ham sausage!
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Ya think ?? Ham Fatty ??icon_eek.gif
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Oooo peppers and green onions, then a smear of cream cheese on the slices like those li'l ham rolls they make!
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Hmmm...Smoked ham fatty...sounds like a heck of an idea to me! Oh Yeah!
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Ham and eggs or Ham steaks on the grill slathered with saucy susan or appricot preserves. and grilled pineapples.
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(Homer Simpson voice on) MMMMMMM Ham fattie MMMMMm and doughnutsMMMMM (Voice off) YOu may just be onto something Cajun. Give her a whirl.

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Figure internal temp of 155* for ham ?
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Give it agood mustard slather and bring it up to 160º(I don't rub hams). Let it rest and eat!
I guess 155º might work since the temp will rise during the rest.
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I think you should just send it to me and let me worry about it.icon_mrgreen.gif
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No ... Think I should deliver personally and let you worry bout me ...biggrin.gif
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LOL! How was the fatty?
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Workin' on it now.... should have pics in the mornin'
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