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New twist on family favorite with Q view

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Today I took an old family favorite that is normally cooked on a grill and adapted it for the GOSM smoker. The result was great. Here is the recipe and the results

Nearly Famous Sausage Dogs
Use Bryans bun length smoked sausage or the bun length sausage of your choice. Cut a shallow slit down the length of 2 sides and push pieces of onion in one side and bell pepper in the other side. Next wrap the whole thing with a strip of bacon and secure it together with toothpicks. Grill or smoke them until the bacon is crispy on the outside. Enjoy

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Oh Ya!!!!

I am a simple guy, and I like simple stuff. That is great. I'll try some on the Q tomorrow. Can't wait. smile.gif
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Looks good.... kids prob. love em'
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we've made them our whole lives but with pickles and mustard inside, oh and we use cheese dogs .everybody loves themPDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Tasty looking things.........

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A very simple Q but also appetizing, nice pics,
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Very Nice. Something to give the kids..
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My kids are gonna love those...and this is my weekend to have them, so I'll be trying this one right away...thanks for the idea!

Y'all know what I always say...nuthin' goes better with pork...than, well...MORE PORK!!!

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Looks good.
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These sausage dogs looked so good I thought I'd make some for a snack.

Who do I call to get roto-rooter to clean out my arteries!!confused.gif
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How did I miss this thread! WAAY cool! outta point for today...but ya get 'em tomarrow!
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Good looking chow! Simple and tasty. I love it.
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Damn.... how do you get drool out from a keyboard?
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Nicely done, obviously you are a quick study. Was that good or what? If you have a little over an hour to kill you can eat well.
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