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Right On

Welcome to the Lang family!!! Don't waste your time putting charcoal in that thing. That is a stick burner tried and true! Start cooking and take some pic's. Start using photobucket.com to host your pics and you can blow them up. Now your cooking is going to be so good people are going to ask you to cook all the time. That 48 is going to get real small in a hurry.. I already need a bigger onePDT_Armataz_01_30.gif ... Everyone said that before....Now I agree. Congrats Bro you are going to love that rig!....So are you buddys!
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Cong on your new smoker. Use wood in it that what bbq is about
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Firebox size

Sorry have not kept up with this thread. Been 800 miles north in Cameron Mo. for grandsons birthday. Man it was cold and ice and snow. Forgot how cold it gets up there. 8 degree highs. Baton Rouge sure seems like summer now. Fireboxx size about 17 inch square is a guess. I will measure it soon as i get some rest from the 12.5 hr drive.PDT_Armataz_01_23.gif
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Very nice rig you got there.

I'm still trying to convince the misses that once I get a Lang any Lang then I would be all set and never need another smoker again. Her reply is that is what I said three smokers ago and still found other smokers that I "needed"
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Cheech possible solution for wife.

My wife always wanted a Bichon Frise which is a cue tip of a lap dog. I found one at good price as they are expensive. While she was hugging me for her new pet i reached around and pushed the add to cart button on the lang. She never said a word and is still smiling at her new pup.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif If mamas happy daddys happy.
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Unfortunately I got sideswiped by the wife and kids for either a bichon or a West Highland Terrior.

So now we have a nice West Highland Terrior and Cheech still has not received his Lang or permission to get one.

I was told that before I get another smoker I have to get rid of one of the other ones.

That is like telling her we are ok her but if you want another child you have to get rid of one of the ones we have now.
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I Waaaaaaaant One~

I am prepping for my 40lb. butt smoke tonight...in 2 'low end' smokers...I WANT <--NEED sounds better... ;-) ... that rig!!
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