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Shooters first Pics of Lang

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OK here are the first few. Can't wait to fire her up!icon_biggrin.gif I am such a lucky Bastard!

Attachment 7742 Attachment 7744
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You are a lucky guy, congrats !!!
Can not wait to see and hear some of your first results.....
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Nice Wheels!!

Awesome! Hey were those wheels extra??? Let me know:-)

Looks Great! Can't wait to see it in action.

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A Patio 48? Very sweet, make sure ya season her up real good!!
You gonna burn all wood or charcoal?
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I will do what i did on my old homemade unit i sold. I will burn lump charcoal for consistent heat and flavor with wood. It seems to work for me.
The patio 48 is not mobile but thats splitting hairs other than this should be a tailgate party wagon for sure. I am already being asked to cook for 35 at the company I help manage.

How about this bad boy on a smoker
Attachment 7754 icon_arrow.gifAttachment 7756cool.gif
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Great lookin smoker!!! i can feel myself turnin green....

Ok.... ready for some qview....

Congrats on the new addition!!
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Nice smoker.............

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I don't have to tell you... you got yourself a real nice smoker there!!

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cool !!! i did not no you could get the 48 on a trailer (mobile) sweet .... was there a big difference in price from the patio version ..???
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Must be nice, congrats.
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SWEET!!!....I am soooo jealous!
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That would suit my needs to a "T" ... lucky guy!
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Now that is one cute little Lang! Post us some pics of it in action and what it produces.
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mobile 48 lang vs patio 48

I was asked prices on the lang several times so my best advice is to go to Ben Langs Web site. The prices are listed there for each model, less freight charges. www.pigroast.com He is a great guy to work with.icon_smile.gif
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Could ya send me a huge picture so I can blow it up and hang in front of my smoker, then I can drink beer and look at your smoker.PDT_Armataz_01_08.gif
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here ya go captdan

For the capt.PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
Attachment 7780
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Thanks shooter, its make it soo much easier for me now.PDT_Armataz_01_17.gif
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That is one sweet smoker.
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What is the size of the firebox on that sweet looking unit?
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That is gonna make for one heck of a tail gate. Looks great
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