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What do you recommend?

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I want to smoke som beef next weekend but I'm not sure what I want to do.

All that I do know is that I want to slice it rather than pull it and I do not want a brisket.

I'm thinking maybe a tenderloin, a prime rib or a roast of some sort.

What do you all recommend?
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try this

pull it, or turn it into french dips..........
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To me, those french dips I just have to try, they look mouth watering !!!
Good suggestions Walking Dude.
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A while ago I did an eye of round. It's really lean and I liked the way it came out. What I did is posted here:
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Chuck roast is always a nice choice.
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ooooh, smoked prime rib, slirp, slirp, slop slop, anybody got a towel? PDT_Armataz_01_30.gif

Not a cheap piece of meat, would take some work but the results would be fantastic. Otherwise I think a nice roast that could be sliced thin for sandwichs or hot beef would be an excellent choice.

Good luck with whatever you decide!
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I just did a chuck roast a few weeks ago... it turned out GREAT!! and it was a good deal... one of them half price deals...... just rubbed with Jeff's 145 started sprayin some apple juice and worchester... 165 wrapped til 195 then wrapped in towel and coolered it for an hour... it fell apart... if your wantin sliced pull her off earlier than that....
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Any other ideas? I'm going shopping tomorrow.
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i take it then, you have yet to do a beef?

smoke wise?
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I've done brisket a couple of times with good success.

I can get prime rib select for 6.35/lb and tenderloin for 11.05/lb

Are those good prices and, more importantly, would you recommend them for smoking?
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Sounds to me like your looking for something to slice with a medium rare doneness. I'd try to find a top round roast the size that fits your needs. Season it up with rub and smoke @ 225o - 250o unitl you get an internal temp of about 135o. Slice across the grain and should be juicey and tender.

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Turfmunch...did a PR for New Years, it was great. Hope this link helps
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