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3/8" Stuffing Tube For 5 Lb. LEM???

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Does anyone know of a 3/8" tube that will fit the 5 Lb. LEM vertical stuffers? The LEM site only shows down to the 1/2" that comes with it. I am looking to make snack sticks and the 1/2" is a little big for my casings.


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We use an F. Dick 3/8" tube we ordered from Butcher & Packer http://www.butcher-packer.com/pages-...be-3-8-in.html for our 25 lb. SausageMaker stuffer. To my knowledge the 5 lb LEM should use the same. I hope this helps.
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The LEM has a 1.5" base. Does the F. Dick tube have the same size base?

Thank You for your help.

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I took pics of both the stuffer nut and stuffer opening, If you measure yours and compare this should tell you if this will work or not. When we were looking we had a tough time finding this one as we were looking for a non-tapered tube.

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Many thanks for the reply and help, but I think that would be a little big. The opening on mine is only 1.5".

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Here's the best I can do Diameter 1 1/2" at conecting point. Pge 25 of their cataloge says so.
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I had a welding shop build me one for the 16mm casings that I use for my snack sticks.
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Just wondering is that i.d. or o.d. measurements? Just a thought have you tried the tubes from Lem's Jerky cannon? They might work. I have a 3/8's one for my jerky cannon. Hope you find something....

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Just looked it up in the Lem catalog and that stuffer has an 1 -9/16" base. Maybe you can find a plastic one and trim it down to fit...... Hope this helps in your search.

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i saw the metal one at sausagemaker for the 5lb model and am planning on ordering it soon. need it for the same reasons ya'll do.
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Thanks everyone. I think that tube from sausagemakers.com will probably work.

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I found one, after much searching, and used it last week-end. The 7/16 size fits the 22mm collegen casings well, where the 1/2 tapered one that came with the LEM was just a mite too big for the casings (at least in my in-experience).

http://www.texastastes.com/stuffertubes1.htm(Item #700138)

It was the only one that I saw that specifically said that it fit the LEM 5 lb. The tube was pretty expensive (I thought), but my thought is always get the right tool for the job, and you are always better off.

One more thing, it's long, and it's hard to clean, so buy yourself a small bottle brush that will fit all the way thru it. I need to find one myself. I used a small diameter wooden dowel, but I need something better.

-=- Jerry -=-
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item31461 comes in 1/4", 3/8", 1/2", and 3/4" dia.
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thank you jerseyhunter, for the link. next order, I'll add one.

I had to push a wad of paper towel thru it. reminded me of cleaning a very small shotgun barrel. wink.gif
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There you go, .410 brass brush, or the right caliber rifle brush. This way it's just a trip to the sporting goods store rather than a large order.
Might as well pick up a cotton brush to dry the inside while your at it.smile.gif
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I used my brass brush from a gun cleaning kit to clean the tube on my old enterprise stuffing tube....but did'nt want to admit it
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I took a little info from another post and went to the hardware store and got a 12" metal toilet fill tank pipe and two fender washers. This is for use on an Enterprise stuffer. By looking at picture posted earlier in this thread, the LEM is the same size as this one.

I am in the try-out stage right now with it as pictured.

The first pic is the parts and pieces. The second is how they are put together. The neoprene washer actually hold the back washer in place from the back side. The second washer is slid over the end and will actually hold the horn to the stuffer. If the two washers won't fit in the nut that holds the horn to the stuffer, I believe the tube could be welded/brazed/soldered to the washer that slips on from the front. The OD of the tube is 3/8"
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I use to have a couple of Enterprise stuffers and for a 3/8" tube I used copper tubing and flared one end and also slid washer on till it was a tight fit between the nut and the stuffer, it worked for me. I am sure cpper isn't the best metal to run food through but I figured irt would normally only be in the tube about a second and it didn'y kill me !!!

I like you set up, hope it works well for ya.
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My brother in law made his own stuffer that runs off air pressure and all his stuffing horns are made of rigid copper.

You know what they say,"What don't kill ya makes you better!!!"PDT_Armataz_01_14.gif

By the way MossyMo, thanks for the help.PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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I've been drinking water that runs through copper for 45 years and I'm still around.biggrin.gif
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