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country style patriot ribs!

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I gotta go with my Michigan boy Tom Brady today, so these Bourbon/caramel ribs are dedicated to the new england Patriots!

Rubbed em up a couple hrs before the smoke, here are the ribs taking up the whole smoker.

They were just put on in that pick,11 am, countdown to game 7 hrs and change. These were 2 Butts that totaled 16 lbs, had the butcher slice em in half , and then cut into 2 inch wide strips.

Here is the TBS of apple and cherry cunks!

I'll post more of the results before the game!
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Well hopefully your ribs will not crash and burn like I hope the Patsies do. PDT_Armataz_01_29.gif Anybody but the Patsies icon_mrgreen.gif

(Re: White Cloud.....Photos taken with Canon Powershot A560)
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They stopped being the Patsies when they won their first Superbowl.
Sorry to ruin your day but here comes championship number 4.PDT_Armataz_01_29.gif

(Ribs look great. I just put on my first ever fatty. GO PATS !!!)
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Ok, here are the finished pics, I am not gonna cut em up, cuz I am taking them to a party. This is a pic just before they came of the grill and went into foil /rest.

some of them were at 180, others at 185-190, the foiled one was at 192, so I foiled it. They are all in the foil now and in a cooler ready for the road trip along with some sliced up fattys from yesterday! Everyone have a good game/party.

Go Patriots, these ribs are for you!PDT_Armataz_01_38.gif
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Capt Dan
Looks great; you should receive a few compliments at the party, enjoy the game !!!
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I wish I was there to hang out near that smoker, There is a couple of chairs in that outbuilding of yours, right? I want that q-view entered in the Q-viewbowl!!!!! I think everyone wins if we get to eat it!
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Wow. I usually just go to 160 with them.

They look good.
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dang it all, even thought they were patriot ribs, wasn't good enough for the win. The ribs were a hit, and the fatties were gone before I knew it! Good thing I kept one of them at home. I still have about half ogf the ribs, and they are sure to be good as leftovers like usual. Thanks for the compliments, it was a new recipe for me, and I give it an 8 out 10!
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Down go the Patsies, down go the Patsies.

Dolphins ' 72 baby, the ONLY perfect team. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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