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hello fom minnesota

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happened across smf while looking for a brined smoked venison recipie, looks like a great site. have been a smoker for a while now. started out smoking fish with my grandfathers brine recipie, then graduated to deer sausage. looking to make bacon and cure a ham perhaps, process my own pork, along with annual elk,antelope,deer, so i have the material but not the know-how, after ice fishing ends this year i am going to build my deluxe smoke house with a smoke generator and thermostat controls. anyway hello to all and thanks in advance for any info i will get!!! right now have a variety of smokers,luhr jenson was my first, then a water smoker brand unknown-charcoal, and a rocky mountain smoker which is my main box i use now days until i get my ultimate smoke house(in my mind) built.
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Welcome to the SMF!! Lots of friendly folks here....
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From one Minnesotan to another. WELCOME!! You will find this site a fantastic resource with alot of great and talented folks. Active too. Never have to wait long for a response to your questions.
Hows the ice fishing been? They are slaying em up at Lake of The Woods recentlyicon_lol.gif
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Welcome to the SMF family , erain
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Welcome to the finest smoking forum that you could find! Keith
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Welcome to SMF lots of friendly folks with a lot of smokin knowledge
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Welcome to the site!! Glad to have you.
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welcome to SMF,
Glad to see another MN smoker, have fun and good luck,
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Welcome to SMF from your neighbor from the west !!!
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cool.gif welcome erain ,i think you will find what your looking for
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Welcome to the site neighbor. Great to have another northerner here.

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was up to the big pond last week and did well, fished the warroad side of the big bay for the first time was following a hot tip. turned out well. thks all for the welcome
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Thanks ALOT (for bringing up ice fishing)! I moved to Ohio 4 yrs ago, from MN., before that TX. Man do I miss ice fishing. If we get to do it once or twice a yr in OHIO we are lucky. Love Ohio hate the "warm" winters.
Welcome to the site. Great bunch of guys/gals here, that know a ton but dont act like"know-it alls".
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Erain welcome to smf and may all your smoke be thin and blue!!!!!!!!
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