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First bacon Qview

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My first attempt at bacon from a hog I butchered last weekend. Did the bellies and jowles with Mortons sugar cure for a week . Did a cold smoke for 2 hours with hickory ,apple ,and sassafrass. cooled and put in freezer to stiffen up before trying to slice . Here is how it came out, will try it for breakfast tomorrow
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Looks great, I have yet to make this yet.....

What did you use for hanging hooks in your MES?

I love your slicer !!! Hopefully some day I will have olne like that.....
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Damn Tony you sure do have a lot of will power. The way that looks I'd be frying a big ole handful up right now!!!! That is some yummy looking bacon.
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I made the hooks out of some #9 wire. Had made them up to smoke deer loins . I just got the slicer several weeks ago ...alot of elbow grease but it sure works nice
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If it was up to me I would have had it tonight...but the Mrs. had cubed ham steakes thawed out. I don't argue with the cook
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I'd be eattin that stuff right now till the roof of my mouth was sore! nice lookin bacon!
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Tony111, that homemade bacon looks awesome! Nice job!!

That slicer is pretty cool. Looks as if you sliced the stuff pretty thin. Happy frying!
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You did a great job on that bacon. Got it squared up nice. Nice equipment too.
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Tony, the bacon looks great!!! Can you tell me a little more about your slicer? I'm in the market for one.
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The slicer is a Hobart 411, and is old as the hills but works fine .The wife found it in the classifieds about a month ago. the guy wanted $200 for it ,but I got it for $180. Had to do lots of cleaning on it and the sharperner is missing....oh well. It is a very heavy piece of equipment , like all the rest of my antique processing eguip.
I found lots of slicers on Ebay but the shipping is a killer. Good luck to you
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Looking good Tony!PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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wow gunna have to try that somedaysmile.gif
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