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triple fatty threat, w/Q-view

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After I got done with a couple mods on the smoker today, I wanted to smoke something easy and simple, and have it for tomorrows game along with the 16 lbs of country ribs I am doing in the morning.

The big one is from a double chub of Bob Evans and is stuffed with pepper jack cheese and rubbed with my usual butt rub. The other 2 are single chubbs of JD 1 stuffed with chipotle cheddar and rubbed with hot salt,1 stuffed with cheddar and bacon bits rubbed with my rib rub. Here they are 1 hr into todays smoke.

biggest one was done first(closest to the firebox), the other two were 15 minutes behind, spritzed with AJ & CM.All were excellent, and everyone here sampled all three flaovors. There is still half of it left for tomorrows party"hopefully"!

As far as which sausage I prefere, probably the JD, but its real close, the general consensis with the family was about half and half!icon_neutral.gif
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omg.... my mouth is watering... DROOL on my keyboards !!PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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looks good enough to eaticon_mrgreen.gif
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I think they did well, I did start another thread about the mods on "general discussion". I probablly will always tinker witht this thing, until I can afford a bigger offset smoker, made with thicker metal. With one kid in college and another just a year and a half from starting college, I just can't seem to justify 2 K for the smoker I want! The ole Mich economy isn't helping much either.PDT_Armataz_01_06.gif

I'll get a better idea on the mods when I fill it up with country style ribs tomorrow! Thanks for asking.
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Dand great smoke man!!! have fun with the ribs in the morning, may your coals burn long and your smoke blow thin!
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Lookin good Dan lookin good!!!!!!!!!!!!
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yup Dan good looking fatties & good luck on the mods
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