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Hello from Gilroy California

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Hi All,

I've been checking out this site for a while and decided to join. Looks like a good group on here.

I'm not really new to smoking, but want to learn as much as I can. Got some St. Louis Style ribs on the smoker as I type.biggrin.gif

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Welcome to SMF! Maybe you can share some Qview of your smokes? Keith
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Welcome aboard SMF,lookin forward to seeing pictures of your St. Louis ribs,we love Qview here.PDT_Armataz_01_29.gif
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Welcome to SMF! New to smoking or not there's stuff here to learn. I know,,,I sure have. Alot. :{)

Enjoy your time here.
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Welcome to the SMF!! Lots of friendly folks here to learn from and just share the smoke with.....
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Welcome to SMF !!!
What type of smoker or smokers do you use?
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Thanks for the welcome.

I'm using the Imperial Kamado smoker.

Here's a pic of my smoker:

The ribs got a few hours to go.

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Welcome to SMF. This place is great. Enjoy
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Welcome, and Very Nice lookin Pool.....eeerrrrrr smoker.icon_rolleyes.gif
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Welcome to the site. Unique looking smoker.

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Welcome borkbone to smf and glad your here!!!!!!!
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Welcome to the SMF, Porkbone. Nice smoker. Can't wait to see the ribs.
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My 1st Q-View

OK, Ribs are done, so here is my first Q-View:

Ribs ready to go on the Q. They were in the fridge all night with some rub.

Here they are on my kamado:

Here they are just off the kamado:

Here they are on my plate:

Now time to enjoy. PDT_Armataz_01_22.gif

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welcome porkbone,how's the garlic capital of the country-boy do I miss the smell there-you gonna have lotsa fun here.
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Thanks desertlites. We try to attend the Garlic Festival at least once every year. Gotta love the calamari.

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Yea definitly got the thin blue goin on there. Even the railings and skimmer turned a nice shade of blue.
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Hi, I just bought an Imperial Kamado that looks very similar to yours at a yard sale.  What kind of thermometer are you using and do you hang it from the top, as you can probably tell I don't know much yet but willing to learn.  One more question how long did you cook your ribs for, they look great.  I think having a thermometer would help me tremendously.  Thank you.  Dolores

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Hi Dolores, and welcome to our forums.


You've posted this question in a very old thread (over 5 years ago).  You will have more success getting answers if you search or browse the charcoal smoker forums.  And since this looks like your first post here, when you get the chance you oughta drop by in the Roll Call Forum to introduce yourself and get a proper SMF welcome from other members.


Good luck!



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