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en crusted ABT's /ABT's in a blanket

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I just got done stuffin my ABT's with cream cheese, chopped smoked ham and diced onion also wrapped in bacon. But while making these had a thought. Has anyone ever after smoking or even the next day Wrapped the ABT's in refridgerated cresent roll dough.? Turds in a Diaper Ha Ha Just thought I would throw the idea out there. Well off to the smoker....
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It sounds like a good idea there sir! Just make sure if you do that, not to leave the turds in the smoker as long as normal as i would think that the extra time in the oven might make them a bit too soft. Just my two cents, but I think it is a great idea for a trial run!!

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DUDE.......GREAT idea...........we have some left over abts' from the last time we had em.......yeah i know, i know..........

but tomorrow, going to give that a shot........thankx cloud.....great idea
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Sounds like a cool idea. I am doing my first ABT's today and I do have some leftover pizza dough in the fridge....hmmmmm.

I am curious whether or not these ABT's will require me to go out and buy diapers?
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Nah Just a couple ice cubes
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Interesting idea, White Cloud. Sound like something I'm gonna try...Thanks for the idea.

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we are doing home made pizza tomorrow, and thinking bout using the pizza dough for that..........
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I bet it would be good cooked around the ABT as a reheat deal. In other words, smoke em first, cool, then wrap with dough and bake!!
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let us know on this got to many irons in the smoker now maybe500 sunday for sure
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Ice Cubes?

AHH, I am confused, Where do I put them?
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ahhhh steve.........think he was talking bout where the abt's will be exiting the next day PDT_Armataz_01_23.gif
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White Cloud, That is an awesome idea, I have my first ever batch of abts in the smoker right now, guess I should have made more because I don't think there will be any leftover, but next time I am going to try it for sure. Wish I could do a qview but the software for the camera causes our new computer to crash, hopefully by next time anyway awesome idea,
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Oh, OH-----------------------:-(
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No No No

I came up with name, Instead of PIGS IN A BLANKET it would be AB TURDS IN A DIAPER
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That was the IDEA
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nappied turds
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The flaming circle around uranus
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Hey Steve here's an idea....I do like the idea of baking them afterwards though.I'm going to try that.
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doing my hot smoking today.........so tomorrow........all the abts will be dun in the oven.........PDT_Armataz_01_16.gif

but, just in my case........i don't get much of a smokey taste from the smoker..........
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Left over ABT's.......What's dat?? PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif
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