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Country Ribs With no Bones ???

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Ok ... Got these Country Style Ribs, but they ain't got no bones. Think the 3-2-1- method will work ? Maybe other ideas ?

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Pork, butts strips is what they are.

Here is the recipe that I am cooking up 16 lbs of them tomorrow!

1 tsp. black pepper
1tsp. paprika
2 tsp. Hot salt(mortons)
2 tsp. roasted garlic chips
2 tsp. minced onion
2 beef bullion bubes
4 tsp. brown sugar

Crush all the dry ingredients to gether for the rub, apply to the country ribs sparingly, and smoke/cook at 235-250 till they get to 180 to pull of and rest in foil.
About an hr after they go one the grate, start mopping /spritzing with a mixture of 1/2 bourbon, 1/2 caramel syrup, and baste them every 20-30 minutes till done. will be like a candy coating with a pepper kick. I got this recipe from the "smoke ring" site and am trying it tomorrow for the first time!
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When I smoked the last set of them, I didn't foil at all. Came out nice and tasty. Depending on how they slice them, some will not have bones. Essentially, it's a sliced butt, so treat it like them, but it will take less time to cook.
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Bone is just going to give them alittle more flavor. I usually grill them, but Meowy's got a good post on here doing a modified 3-2-1 set up with them and it worked very well. Do a search for Country Style Ribs and check it out.
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Got plans for a smoke today. Country Style Ribs (the one's with no bones). Thought I'd do the 3-2-1 method. But here's what I woke up to. Can't really tell from the last pic ... but She's fired up and "smokin'"

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icon_eek.gif Wow, I feel bad. Here it is almost 80ยบ outside and I am sitting here typing in shorts. biggrin.gif

Opps, almost forgot.....Photos taken with Canon Powershot A400
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Thats just mean Flash, yer a BAD man!icon_twisted.gif
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got 47 degrees here in the keystone just gonna do a quick smoke for the wings then into the deep fryer
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Well it's 33 * here. The UDS is just cruising along.
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Well here they is ... and before game time.

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Damn that look's good...............haven't i seen them before?? cool.gif
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All depends where your lookin' ...icon_mrgreen.gif
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